Gema Penalva Restobar: Savoring Tradition with a Modern Twist in Alicante

Gema Penalva Restobar in Alicante offers a delightful twist on local cuisine, marrying tradition with innovation. This charming eatery is perfect for small celebrations, romantic nights, or gatherings with friends.

A Nostalgic Menu

The menu at Gema Penalva Restobar is a nostalgic journey through the chef’s childhood, featuring recipes from her grandmother, aunt, and mother. Highlights include the traditional “coca de mollitas,” “cocas del pastor,” and “Tía Conchita’s callos.” These dishes offer a taste of home with a modern twist.

Signature items like the “Triki Trake” of Alicante salted fish, foie mi-cuit with cacao sand and nougat ice cream, cod and almond croquettes, Iberian pork with blood sausage and apple compote, and the mascarpone cream with dates, cocoa ice cream, and caramelized walnuts are not to be missed.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Gema Penalva’s culinary philosophy is rooted in tradition, yet adapts to modern tastes. Each ingredient is carefully selected and treated with respect. The passion behind this restobar shines through every dish, ensuring a memorable dining experience that honors Alicante’s rich culinary heritage.

The Story Behind Gema Penalva

Gema Penalva, the head chef and manager, discovered her love for cooking independently. Despite no family background in the culinary field, she was inspired by the cuisine of Berasategui and Ruscadella. After training at CDT Alicante, Gema initially planned to open a Spanish restaurant in Belgium. However, her parents persuaded her to stay in Alicante, where she won two prestigious culinary awards: second place in the 2007 Best Young Chef of the Valencian Community and a finalist in the 2011 Best Young Chef of the Year competition.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether for a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends, a quick bite, or a daily menu, Gema Penalva Restobar is a reliable choice that never disappoints. The restobar also offers a selection of innovative cocktails and gin and tonics, perfect for enhancing your dining experience.

A Must-Visit Spot in Alicante

Gema Penalva Restobar stands out in Alicante’s dining scene for its dedication to quality and tradition. Each visit promises not only a culinary delight but also a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Calle Canalejas, 9 

03001 Alicante, Spain

Tel: +34 965 14 37 36


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