Gambling Addiction: A disease of the 21st century

Today we have a too dangerous and alarming facility to bet. There are betting shops in every corner of the city, advertising bombards us on television and there are hundreds of websites where we can bet online from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. All this is resulting in a problem of gambling addiction, a new disease of the 21st century. If you suffer gambling addiction, now you can overcome it thanks to the integral method of Triora.


Gambling addiction, problem gambling or compulsive gambling is a chronic disease that can severely affect the family, relationships and work of the patient. In addition, it also entails serious financial problems. If it is not treated in time, this disease will surely get worse. Most people who suffer gambling addiction need help to get over it. If you have gambling problems, are unable to stop gambling or believe that a family member may suffer from this disease, Triora clinics can help you.


Defeat your gambling addiction with the Triora Method

If you are suffering from an addiction, it is time to take action. The Triora Model is a holistic approach that combines medical and psychological treatments in group sessions or through personal coaching. You will not be alone again. Regain control of your life in a calm and safe environment, where you will not feel uncomfortable or ashamed. In addition, friends and family members of the patient can be involved in the process through advice directed by Triora experts.


How to overcome gambling addiction


Do I suffer from gambling addiction?

The first classic symptom of gambling addiction is to bet secretly. In addition, many addicts have to increase the time they spend gambling to get the desired effect. The gambling addiction patient also finds himself or herself often planning the next betting session and continues gambling after having lost large sums of money and even if it interferes with his family, social or work life. Other symptoms of gambling addiction include finding oneself psychologically wrong by betting less or quitting gambling or being unable to quit gambling despite having tried repeatedly.


The patient will suffer withdrawal syndromes such as depression, fears, guilt, insomnia, tremors, sweating or headaches. Overcoming an addiction is not easy, but you can regain the control of your life starting now.


Why do we become addicted to gambling?

Our body naturally produces endorphins, which generate a welfare feeling. The bets can cause the same sensation and the body gets used to generate large amounts of endorphins that can lead to suffer withdrawal problems, both physical and psychological, similar to those that cause drug addiction. Some people bet often and for a long time to feel better about themselves or escape daily stress, but an obsessive behaviour is unhealthy and requires professional intervention.


The dangers of gambling addiction


Another life is possible

Wouter was a patient of Triora many years ago. He had a problem with addiction to gambling, alcohol and drugs since his father died. He felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and his condition worsened, but he entered a Triora clinic where he discovered that he was not the only person with addiction problems and was able to recover from them. After seven years of being a teetotaller he works as an advisor for Triora in the Netherlands.


If you think you have a problem with gambling, call Triora today or fill their evaluation test. Their experts can help you solve your problems. If you would like to know more about this or other treatments, like technology addiction, please call the phone number of your nearest Triora clinic. Also, if you are abroad you can use the direct telephone number for international patients is +44 (0) 8000 88 50 19. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.


Triora Clinic Phones

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