Fixed Teeth In One Day: What Is It? When Is It Recommended? What Are The Advantages? Llobell Cortell Has To Say On The Topic

With over 80 years of clinical expertise in dentistry and more than 30 in dental implantology, Arturo Llobell, a fourth-generation specialized practitioner, provides us with an update on the groundbreaking implant technique today.


Dr. Arturo Llobell is referring to the process known as immediate implant loading, which accomplishes “fixed teeth in one day.”

The purpose of this procedure is to insert implants in cases where there are no teeth or if the remaining teeth cannot be preserved for clinical, cosmetic, or practical reasons.



The fundamental feature of this approach is that, following implant surgery, the teeth are promptly replaced with a prosthesis, eliminating the need for long waiting periods as in traditional methods. This technique can be used in complex cases where the whole mouth is treated or one of the upper or lower parts; or in simpler cases where a group of teeth or even a single tooth are treated.


This treatment is indicated for:

– Patients with numerous missing teeth.

– Patients with extreme mobility of remaining teeth.

– Patients with a major caries problem that prevents teeth from being restored.

– Patients with total absence of teeth and with removable prostheses.

– Missing teeth in the aesthetic area of the smile.

The advantages offered by immediate implant loading treatment are:

– Aesthetics: The possibility of replacing teeth in a fixed and immediate way with which the patient will be able to return to their usual routine safely and comfortably. The immediate replacement of a tooth will also improve the conditions and esthetics of the gums, an aspect that is very important to consider in order to achieve the best treatment outcome.

– Time: The surgery is performed in the same day; and the teeth are placed within 1/24 hours; compared to the 2-3 month wait of traditional procedures.

– Comfort/Functionality: Fixed teeth are placed after implant placement, as opposed to the cumbersome temporary removable prostheses used in traditional procedures.


Why Llobell Cortell?

Dr. Llobell Cortell, the surgeon who performs the prostheses, is dual-trained in the University of Pennsylvania and recognized internationally as an opinion leader, and is frequently invited to speak at scientific meetings on the subject in which he specializes. His curriculum, the quality of his work, and the manner in which he performs it all set him apart.


Furthermore, the prosthetic materials and dental implants they use is of the highest quality (Nobel Biocare N1, with a contrasted and validated surface that lasts longer while being placed following minimally invasive protocols). Even the immediate or temporary prosthesis they implant is already regarded as definitive in many places.

If you are considering dental implants, you want the best possible treatment, with predictable outcomes and long-lasting results.  Arturo Llobell is the only implantologist in Spain who is recognized as an expert in his field by Leading Implant Centers. Contact the team at Clinica Llobell Cortell to arrange an initial consultation.



Contact details:


Calle Cirilo Amorós, 44
46004 Valencia

Telephone: 963 81 04 55





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