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Our houses are full equipment to make our lives easier. A home should be decorated and equipped according to our tastes and needs. Electrical appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, household linen… Aitana Group has gathered them all for you, so you only have to think about enjoying your stay in Calpe. Let us tell you the story of this successful shopping centre.


Like many other stories, Aitana’s begins with two brothers, Paco and Pepe. It was 1984. Paco had a service and facilities shop in Benisa, while Pepe ran a grocery store on Gabriel Miró Avenue, in Calpe. Both decided to partner to create a new business model in Calpe, as they found a niche market in foreigners visiting the Costa Blanca. At that time there were many Germans in the area, so they took advantage of the fact that Pepe could speak German to start their new company.


In this way, Galerías Aitana was created with the aim of providing solutions to those people who resided in the area or who visited Calpe to make their lives easier. Therefore, since the inception, Paco and Pepe offered a wide variety of products and services for all their customers. However, the services of Aitana Galleries were especially oriented to that foreign client who was on holiday in the Costa Blanca or had bought a property and needed to furnish it.


Since the beginning the attention they offer was highly personalised. The Aitana team went to the clients’ houses and guided them in everything they could need, even providing a comprehensive installation and assembly service for all their products. This soon proved to be a well-deserved success. Today, the Aitana Group maintains this impeccable and personalised way of working, worrying about satisfying all the client’s needs in the shortest time.


In Aitana Group you will find everything you need for your home


The business grows

In addition to all kinds of products, household items, furniture and home services, Paco and Pepe also had a section of collectables and souvenirs for foreigners who were travelling. Since the beginning they had offered a range of electrical appliances that Paco originally had in his small business in Benisa. Later they also incorporated garden furniture.


Galerías Aitana was growing rapidly and the store spaces were expanding. A short time later they opened Muebles Aitana in the building across the street. This store is dedicated exclusively to furniture. There you can find equipment for offices, for homes, for gardens, auxiliary furniture… Everything you might need to furnish a space.


Then came the idea of Centro Comercial Aitana (Aitana Shopping Centre), but until 2003 they did not receive the City Hall permits. Meanwhile, they opened Brico Aitana on Vall de Laguar Avenue in 2002. This business is aimed at professionals: electricians, plumbers, carpenters and people who work in workshops. It also has a specific section of office equipment that has evolved, and now they offer renovation projects, custom furniture and complete installation. It is what they call “Proyectos Aitana” (Aitana Projects), a spearhead of the latest trends.


The best furniture and decoration shops in the Costa Blanca


In 2005 the Aitana Shopping Centre was opened, focusing on DIY, appliances and other goods, including mattresses, bed bases and sofas. This store is focused on the latest trends in products and facilities, always offering the best for Aitana’s loyal customers.


Solutions for all clients

The founders of the Aitana Group assure that their clients are practically their friends, giving them an especially close, familiar and friendly attention. Not surprisingly, their goal has always been to provide their customers with the best possible solutions. Whether they live in the area or if they are on holiday for a week in Calpe, Aitana will try to help them solve all their needs.


Where to buy custom furniture in Calpe


Also, the Aitana Group has its own installers for all those products that the client acquires in the establishments and require installation by professionals. So, when you buy a washing machine, a television, an air conditioner system or whatever it may be, Aitana staff will go to your house to install it, leaving the product ready for use. They do not depend on any external company to carry out the installations, which is always an advantage and a special feature that differentiates them from other companies in the sector.


They want the client to feel at ease and at home, and for the Aitana Group that is the main objective of their company. If someone has a problem and goes to Aitana, they will do everything possible to solve it. For this, they have employees that speak different languages, such as Spanish, English, German and French, and some even speak Russian.


The generational change

Pepe and Paco created a successful family business where eight of their children now work side by side. Among them they manage with great effort and dedication the four showrooms of Aitana, the successful company of Calpe created by their parents that has been providing the best solutions to their customers for almost 40 years. For more information, visit their web pages and find them on social media.



Grupo Aitana

Phone: +34 965 875 454


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