Film Sessions For Viewers With ASD: This Is Butaca Azul, An Inclusive Project Of Red Dog Cinemas

The activity will be carried out in collaboration with the Angel Rivière Autism Association with years of experience working with children with ASD.

One of the Red Dog Cinemas screening rooms


Going to the movies is a magical and unique experience to which everyone should have the right. Precisely, children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) are hypersensitive and feel emotions threefold, for example, a sound or a color. Therefore, for them, going to the movies can be an uncomfortable and challenging experience. To avoid this, Red Dog Cinemas, the leisure center located in Puerto Banus, launches the Butaca Azul project, in collaboration with the Autism Association Angel Riviere of Marbella.

Butaca Azul is an initiative that is committed to the integration of people and the elimination of social barriers. As a company committed to society, Red Dog Cinemas will launch inclusive cinema sessions creating comfortable environmental features for viewers with ASD or other sensory impairments, so that they are not constrained to enjoying the latest releases.

The bright colors of the big screen, the loud surround sound or even the temperature are some of the factors that may prevent people with ASD from enjoying a comfortable movie experience. In addition, their difficulty in adapting to novelties is also very common. “Everything that involves a change in their daily routines can end up becoming a real headache,” explains the Ángel Rivière Autism Association.

The aim is for the audience of the Butaca Azul sessions to sit back, relax and enjoy the latest releases. To this end, the environment will be adapted by reducing the volume, dimming the lights, not showing commercials or trailers, only broadcasting in 2D, and holding an intermission to rest and help concentration. Freedom of movement and expression will also be encouraged throughout the session and the doors will always remain open.

Jorge Martín, operations director of Red Dog Cinemas, has stated that “we are constantly promoting initiatives to make culture a more accessible world and break down barriers for those who do not have it so easy in their daily lives”.

The Butaca Azul project will offer one Saturday a month, in the morning, one of the latest releases with inclusive and accessible screenings. The initiative will kick off next Saturday, November 26 with the screening of the film ‘Tadeo Jones 3’, at 12:30.



Tickets will be available for sale in advance at the virtual box office of Red Dog Cinemas, through its website and on the day of the screening there will be exclusive access for people with functional diversity. The screenings are suitable for all audiences and there will be general information about the adaptations on cognitive accessibility to be made.

For the Asociación de Autismo Ángel Rivière, this type of initiative “contributes significantly to the empowerment of people with ASD and contributes to the elimination of the stigma and labels they carry”. They also state that something as simple as going “to the movies means being able to do something that boys and girls their age do routinely and to which they do not have access”.


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