Ferrari Land: Magical Theme Park For Car Lovers Set to Open in Spain

Start your engines, Ferrari Land, described as Disneyland for car lovers, is on track to open this year on 7th April in Catalonia, Spain.

Ferrari land Spain

Ever wanted to take a ride on one of the fastest cars in history? Here’s your chance. The newly built sports car attraction, set at the Port Aventura amusement park, will consist of mini Ferraris as well as some of the fastest rides in Europe. ferrari land spain, ferrari land port aventura

In total they’ll be five rides at the park, all expected to live up to the car’s famous reputation in regards to both speed and design. For starters, all cars and rides will be painted in the brand’s signature red. Then in terms of speed, the park will host, what is set to be one of the fastest rollercoasters in Europe, the Vertical Accelerator. At a staggering 368 feet high, the ride, which is also one of Europe’s tallest, will launch riders up to its top at an exhilarating 112 mph, in just five land port aventura

If speed alone isn’t enough for you, there’s also the Bounce-Back Tower, which like the Accelerator, shoots guests up into the sky, yet this time in bouncing movements resembling the jumpy engine pistons.

However, one of the most exciting features of the park will be the test track, which will give visitors of all ages the unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of miniature Ferrari cars and navigate a 1,900 foot circuit. A real dream come true for fans of legendary company.

Yet heightening the great anticipation that already surrounds the grand opening this Spring, some aspects of the park are still to be revealed. While a mysterious large structure in the centre of the park is expected to play host to a gallery and a number of virtual experience simulators, this is still to be formally confirmed. The park’s official website merely teases: “All the secrets of this building will be revealed very soon”.

In keeping with the brand’s heritage, Ferrari Land will contain a faux Italian village, the streets of which will be lined with select Formula One cars and vintage models. While most of the park’s food outlets will celebrate the best of Italian food, from snack pizza vendors through to cafes and restaurants. They’ll even be a recreation of Trattoria, the famous haunt of Formula 1 drivers in theme park

Although there’s already a Ferrari World in Dubai, this will be the first park opened by the company in Europe and as such is expected to be a great success. In fact, many are already attempting to purchase tickets ahead of the official opening in April.

Tickets for both Ferrari Land and PortAventura, its host park, can be purchased for £52 per adult, granting access to both parks on the same day.

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