Fasten Your Seat Belts – The LADY Lamborghini is Coming!

Lamborghini has come a long way from its Tractor making days in the early 1960’s.

The ‘GRANDE’ Italian car manufacturer with an equally ‘GRANDE’ price tag, is now looking at the ladies when it comes to future designs. Lamborghini recognised there was a gap in the market – a 95% gap that meant only 5% of their global buyers last year, were female. They have also come to recognise, that ‘what women want’ in a car is somewhat different compared to the predominantly male Lamborghini buyer.

lamborghini With its streamlined beauty, flamboyant colors and head-turning familiar roar, the Lamborghini makes even my knees go weak at the sight of one. So it’s not just you guys – some of us girls feel the need for designer speed too.

Until recently, women have simply not been privy to the ‘big boy toy’ equation when it comes to super cars. Therefore, women who are absent of purse-string worries, would now like to see super car manufacturers incorporating a little femininity during the design stages. From a male point of view discussing a woman’s perspective, he would most probably say… “She wants to know if you are listening to her.”

Guess what? He’d be right!

Former Ferrari Formula One team boss Stefano Domenicali, now CEO and President at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. since March of this year, seems to have been listening for some time. Following in his predecessor Stephan Winkelmann’s footsteps, Domenicali recently said. “Buyers can expect to see something different in the next few years. A new, softer side to Lamborghini, rather than the raging bull. A bull is always aggressive. But I would like to give Lamborghini a new philosophy toward the future: A bull can also be gentle.”

I am assuming he is still talking about the car here!

All The Single Ladies
Domenicali has his SUV head screwed tightly on, and expects the new designs to be game changers for Lamborghini. From 2010-2015, single 30-45 year old women were the coveted buyers of the SUV, and a whopping 53% of nationwide sales were females in general. The female friendly car appeal is without doubt moving into the luxury car arena, causing manufacturers like Lamborghini to sit up and take notice.

If Porsche and its wildly popular Cayenne SUV is anything to go by, Lamborghini is heading down the SUV road to success – but they have a long way to go, and a lot to learn about the SUV industry. If they get this right, and understand fully the needs behind the female friendly SUV market, not just for the mother with children on board, but women drivers in general  – then success is inevitable.

The Italian Connection
Now all Lamborghini has to do, is take a deeper look at the executives they have currently working for them. Only one female could be found in a leadership role – a PR exec based in the USA. It is widely known that the matriarch of all Italian families is the mother – she is the go to person, the decision maker and provider of sound advice.  “Domenicali, maybe it is time to pay a visit with Mamma. No?”
Buona Fortuna.

lamborghini cars
Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce – Shanghai
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