Experts say shopping for fashion and style at Zara’s have an age limit

Should there be an age limit on fashion? Sure some things are made for everyone but, certainly, everyone is entitled to dress how they please, right?

Well, if you agreed with the premise, you’ll be surprised to hear that according to consumer experts there’s an age limit for shopping for fashion, particularly at Zara, the Spanish international giant for clothes that are trending.

“It’s the cult high street store whose affordable versions of designer looks have made it a firm favourite among millennials and thirty-somethings alike,” wrote the Unity Blott in an article published by the British news outlet Mail Online.

Ms Unity is a leading fashion features writer and she quoted consumer experts as saying that the age for shopping at Zara is much lower than anybody would expect.

Do you shop at Zara’s? How old are you?

They concluded that the engagement “peaks” between the ages of 23 and 27. Are you beginning to feel you shouldn’t shop at Zara’s unless you’re buying your children or younger friends a present?

Well, it seems that after the age of 27, shoppers begin to drop off and “collapse beyond”, Insight Rooms’ co-founder and CEO Ed Dilworth implied.

“By the age of 33, social engagement falls to below 1 percent,” Dilworth revealed, according to Unity. He suggested that women in their 30s are seeking for inspiration in shops other than Zara to add fashionable items to their wardrobe. inspiration.

However, many over-30-years-old continue to be Zara Fans because the store “includes more conservative and classic styles that stretch up into that older range more than the youth brands,” Dilworth said.

Therefore, Zara’s so-called “age cliff” is less extreme than many of its high street competitors, commented Unity Blott.

“The fast-fashion store, which hails from Spain and now has more than 2,000 branches all over the world, is quick to pick up on catwalk trends and famously ships new products into its stores twice a week. It has enjoyed something of a popularity boom in recent years, with many of its catwalk-inspired products taking on a cult status” she added.

Shopping At Zara

Olivia Palermo loves shopping at Zara. | Photo: Rex

So while fashion should be fun at any age and the opinion of experts isn’t always right, you may still want to go to Zara after reading this article because the Spanish retailer is considered one of the best shops to buy quality clothes at affordable prices.

Evoke wrote: “The store is so popular, that it even managed to make a seemingly standard coat go viral twice in the past year – once, when it received its own Instagram page, and again this month when the coat came back in stock.”

And as Evoke concluded, if you are over 33 the flipside to this story is that you can continue to shop at Zara knowing that more than likely nobody will show up at work or a party wearing the same outfit as you.

Shopping At Zara

People shopping at Zara have gone mad for this print coat. | Photo: Zara







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