Exterior Design Trends in 2022: Spain Life Recommends

Let’s go over this year’s exterior trends with the sole purpose of creating a private oasis, a comforting place to spend the day to day, to enjoy, to meet or to take refuge.

The pandemic has made us understand that outdoor spaces are increasingly important and that we all want such a space to escape from our daily lives and thus improve our visual and living quality.

This need to connect with nature has given rise to a number of trends and they all seek the same goal: to create a comforting place to spend the day to day, to enjoy, to meet or to take refuge.


1. The Sustainable Garden

Let s forget about formal gardens and give way to native planting, low water consumption, seasonal, in which the climate and its variants are the protagonists. The mixture of grasses, of different textures and colours, provide structure and movement to the garden, while the planting of perennials brings us colour, with changes in flowering and aromas. 

This favours the garden to the changes during the four seasons of the year, to see it grow and appreciate the passing of time. This is not only the best option in terms of sustainability, it makes garden maintenance much more economical.


2. Lighting

Garden lighting is undoubtedly one of the priorities to be taken into account in the design of the garden. Indirect, decorative lighting is imposed, which highlights nature and gives it prominence, creating dreamy visual environments. Both in winter and in summer, the garden is not only an element of the space but also a sensory experience. 

Therefore, whether the garden is observed from inside the house, as if it is enjoyed outside, the ambient light allows us a subtle enjoyment, avoiding spotlights and heavy elements, to create a light, aesthetic and warm feeling.


3. Subtle Elements

The decorative elements of the garden now become light elements that personalize the garden and provide a sense of spaciousness. We play with heavy elements, such as high walls or planters, combining them with light elements.

Small interventions through garden steps, plantings, and appropriate lighting, following the trends we have discussed, adapt to lonely and abandoned spaces, providing warmth and utility.


4. Natural Materials

While it is true that synthetic materials will continue to be a real demand, such as technological platforms or porcelain floors, the value of natural elements such as stone and wood is gaining strength. Natural materials bring a richness and charm that cannot be achieved through artificial elements. 

As the experience of the seasons takes centre stage, so do natural materials. Learning to use and care for them can lead to compositions of great durability over time. 


5. Decoration with Gravel, Composition and Colour. 

The design through gravel and aggregates of different textures is a resource increasingly used in landscaping, a way to configure a low maintenance space with few resources. 

There are many types of materials, colours and dimensions that, depending on the style of the garden, can configure the spaces and give them personality. Whether as a support material in plantings, to highlight an empty space, or to configure paths, gravel adds charm and is an easy and affordable element, increasingly in demand, and allows a variety of design options.

A garden landscape and design company that understands the importance of these trends is an exterior designer that we just have to recommend: 


Spain Life Recommends: Trosset Renova

Based in Moraira, Trosset Renova is a family business with many years of experience, which has grown over years of direct contact with the land. 
The team is passionate about making your garden into an outdoor living room to enjoy all year round.

They specialise in landscaping, designing, and renovating existing gardens. Their experience, professionalism, and attention to detail are what sets us apart from the rest. Their design method is based on creating exclusive atmospheres in order to strike the perfect balance between the interior and exterior. 

Trosset understands that just like its clients, every garden is different. They design new or refurbished gardens by adapting to your individual needs. 

Trosset Renova uses the most advanced gardening software, offering complete plans and perspectives of the garden to show how it will look after. They leave a unique stamp on every garden they create, giving them their own personality and life. 

The garden must have different “rooms”, but, at the same time, share a certain general harmony. This is achieved by creating shaded and private areas, with materials that unify the spaces. This involves similar aggregates such as coloured gravels, rock stones, railway sleepers, and statues. 


Contact details:

Address: Calle Río Ter


Phone:  +34 637 41 43 27


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