Exploring La Marina and Beyond: A Journey through Virtual Reality with Watsons

La Marina is a coastal gem known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant community. Now, thanks to the innovative mind of Sofia Sanchez Watson, the Marketing Manager, and sales team from Watsons, along with Mélez González- exploring this picturesque enclave has never been more immersive. Let’s hear from Sofia Sanchez Watson about what it’s all about…

The Virtual Reality Tool Has Arrived at Watsons Real Estate

Interviewer: What is the new company you are about to launch?

Sofia Sanchez Watson: We are currently pre-launching an innovative marketing tool that enables us to connect with our buyers, creating a beautiful experience for them and allowing them to explore the area of Urb La Marina, in the case of Watsons Real Estate. It’s a digital marketing tool for companies offering products dependent on specific geographical areas. The end-user can explore and experience that area in a whole different way! We developed it for Urb. La Marina, an area in which we specialize. Buyers can view the area, the properties, as well as the beach, commercial areas, and any other points of interest. It’s a different way to interact with an area. The client can teleport themselves to Urb La Marina. We want to make up for not being able to be there physically but still offer that immersive experience. Google Maps offers something practical but doesn’t generate excitement. With this digital tool; Airview, you can see an area with such great quality; it reaches so far, the colors are so vivid that the experience it offers differs greatly from, for example, Google Maps. You are able to see the salt lakes, beaches, pine forests, the houses from above, all the greenery, the pools; in fantastic quality, from a different point of view that allows you to connect with the area. The concept is to offer companies an innovative product. I’ve seen versions of this but not with this quality. Plus, it has very interesting interactivity. I’ve had calls with clients where we are exploring the area together, on a call,  we are interacting with customers in a different way, at another level.

Interviewer: How long have you been working on this, and how did the idea of creating a new company come about?

Sofia Sanchez Watson: We’ve been working on it for a year and a half. It has been long and costly because to do it, as you have to request many permits and licenses, have all the paperwork in order, and comply with the regulations of each municipality. Composing the images to make them look so beautiful also takes a long time, along with adapting the actual software behind it all to each client.  Our goal was for people to be able to teleport. Now that virtual possibility has emerged, as a result of the pandemic, we are taking advantage of it. The customer wants to arrive with a lot of prepared information, and this tool covers this need to know the area. For anyone who needs to know an area, we can already provide all the information they need.

Interviewer: What is the target audience you will be addressing?

Sofia Sanchez Watson: The target audience is any company that needs to showcase the area surrounding its product. Of course, it is an innovative product, and we understand that the level of digitization and modernization of companies varies. Realistically, our target is modern companies that can foresee market tendencies and capitalize on opportunities before they become minimum requirements and not a competitive advantage, which is,what we are offering now.

Interviewer: What is your role in this new company?

Sofia Sanchez Watson: I am the co-founder of the company, along with my colleague Mélez González. We complement each other very well; my role is related to sales, marketing, and business administration, while Mélez González designs and creates the product itself. My main role within the company includes marketing management, product sales, and customer service in the business field. I work closely with our Melez who is in charge of photography, programming, and design to ensure excellence in every aspect of our tool.

Interviewer: Is this a local or international project?

Sofia Sanchez Watson: Right now, our plans are national; we can provide Airview for any area in Spain. Our international plans are more long-term.

Sofía Watsons

Interviewer: What do you hope to achieve with this new tool, and how do you think it will impact the real estate market?

Sofia Sanchez Watson: We want to create connections. It is very important to us to understand how the market is evolving; clients do a lot of research when buying a property, and knowing the area is a significant part of that. I feel like short videos and reading long pieces of information do not cut it; the client wants to see, wants to feel. With Airview, you can get a little closer to this. You have the freedom to roam around an area; you can see from a bird’s eye many different points of interest. It is important to provide information, to provide an experience. With Airview, we generate greater confidence in the end-user; it brings them closer to the area and to our product.

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