Exploring Hearing Tests at Direkt Optik Moraira

In the world of healthcare, where hearing issues can often go unnoticed, Direkt Optik Moraira stands as a beacon of excellence. This renowned establishment, which has been providing quality eye care on the Costa Blanca since 2008, offers not only comprehensive eye tests but also an array of hearing services. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Direkt Optik Moraira’s commitment to auditory health.


Hearing tests are a fundamental aspect of healthcare, enabling providers to diagnose hearing loss accurately. These tests are painless and require no special preparation. Direkt Optik Moraira recognizes the importance of hearing tests as a means to identify hearing loss and improve the quality of life for their patients.

Test Details

Hearing tests come in various forms, each employing distinct techniques to detect hearing loss. One of the most common methods is audiometry, which produces an audiogram displaying test results. These tests are often categorized as either hearing screenings or hearing evaluations. A hearing screening determines if you have normal hearing, while a failed screening may prompt a full hearing evaluation. Audiologists perform hearing evaluations to determine the type and severity of hearing loss.

Types of Hearing Tests

Hearing tests encompass several types designed for different age groups. Pure-tone testing, for instance, measures the quietest volume individuals can hear at various pitches. Bone conduction testing assesses issues like earwax or fluid blockages in the outer or middle ear. Speech testing involves listening to and repeating specific words to evaluate speech comprehension.

Direkt Optik Moraira offers all these tests and more, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and comfortable testing booths for an exceptional patient experience. Their dedication to auditory health is a testament to their commitment to comprehensive healthcare.

For those seeking reliable hearing tests and eye care services, Direkt Optik Moraira is just a call away:

Ensure your auditory health is in good hands with Direkt Optik Moraira, where quality and care meet expertise.


Contact Details:

Telephone: +34 965 745 989

Address: Carretera Moraira – Calpe 122, Moraira, 03724, Alicante, España



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