Experiencing the magic of the Camino De Santiago: confession of a traveler

As I took off on the plane from London Stansted airport on the first of July this year, I knew that I was embarking on an exceptional and unknown adventure, but one that would bring me a lot of new energy. Below is an account of my first Camino de Santiago.  

Sharing the Camino with others

Going alone, my eyes and my mind were open and eager for new experiences. The special atmosphere of solidarity, civic-mindedness and mutual help on the Camino helped me to connect with my fellow travelers, starting with a timid “Hola, Buen Camino! “shyly. Some responded politely, others struck up a conversation with me; all around, complacency. Thus I found my tribe of walkers: all from a different city, all with their own personal challenges and their own quest on the Camino. One of the most beautiful learnings of the Camino for me was connecting with other walkers, creating deep bonds with them and discovering different ways of looking at life. 

Falling in love with Spanish culture

The Camino attracts even more international tourists every year; it seems to me that whatever the reason that brings them to the Camino, the result is the same for everyone. It is impossible not to fall in love with Galicia, with the country, the language and the culture. I was already fortunate to know the language before starting the Camino and that undoubtedly increased the strength of my cultural and human experience. Months later, I still can’t get enough of telling my friends about the postcard villages, the local stories, the welcoming and friendly people, the memorable meals, the joy and quality of life, the secret of which only the Spanish have… This way of life and way of seeing life encouraged me and made me want to discover more regions and traditions of this interesting and beautiful country that is Spain. 

Follow the Camino onwards 

An Australian girl I met on the first day of the Camino told me that “The Camino starts in Santiago ”. If the physical and emotional experience ends at the foot of the cathedral (or in Finisterra for the bravest), it is true that the mental change is observed later. I felt a great pride and a great emotion when I arrived in Santiago. It gave me a new perspective on my own life; if I was able to do the Camino de Santiago, then I could achieve many other things. This thought is still with me today and gives me a new inner strength to face life and go forward with positivity and good energy.

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