Experiencing the haute cuisine: By Puerto Blanco’s gastronomy expert

Patrick Manguette, UK Spain Life’s expert gastronomy blogger, is a Dutch-born chef, who has his successful and respected Puerto Blanco restaurant in Calpe, Alicante.



Manguette and Puerto Blanco have teamed up with UK Spain Life, to bring you expert gastronomy advice and news…




The Haute cuisine is a specialised way of cooking and preparing meals, which literally means “high cooking.” It refers to high-quality cooking which is characterised by meticulous preparation and careful presentation of meals.



The haute meals originally come from the 17th Century in France, which distinguished itself from regular French food, and provided customers with difficult-to-cook meals and special, international ingredients that were hard to come across.



Puerto Blanco have kept this traditional style, and provide several types of dishes in this way for starters, main and desserts.




Some of our examples of haute cuisine dishes are delicious seafood dishes, including: salmon, shrimp scampi, turbot and bass as well as meat dishes and vegetarian options. In order to make the haute cuisine, you need to spend time creatively preparing that dish as a whole to give the special finishing touches that always surprise and impress the customers.



If you’re interested in the haute cuisine, here are some basics to get you going…


It is all about working within a vernacular of textures, colours, and preparation methods. Try not to have too much of the same texture on one plate; mix a meal with a puree, something with crunch, and a bit of charcuterie too.



Be careful with the “pairing”, the two main items on the plate will need to complement the other. You can try experimenting or just sticking to more casual “bites” – things that may be nice for your guests or customers to pair themselves, or just be eaten alone.





To keep the plate looking exciting, you can also play with the binary state, contrasting white/seared food, and round/wedged food too… and for the finishing touches, don’t forget to sauce it.


If you’re interested to find out more about our haute cuisine, or Puerto Blanco, visit our website:


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