Experience the real pleasure of the senses: El Bravo Restaurant, Denia.

In the beautiful setting of the Marina De Denia there is soon to be introduced a culinary delight for all our readers who wish to dine in the finest establishments.


Over the next few days we will see one of the best restaurants ever to reopen in the Marina and its name is EL BRAVO …this will be a culinary delight for gastronomy lovers and will be opening its doors with a new owner and chef and promises to make every dining occasion a special occasion.


If you want to try the best contemporary rice-dishes with tasty delicacies from the sea such as marine plankton rice and the famous red prawn of Denia, do not hesitate in visiting El Bravo, managed by Chef Salvador Prieto who was born and raised among olive trees, vineyards and orange and specialist in conveying unique sensations with his dishes.


Over the years of his career path, Salvador has worked in important restaurants and hotels of the Comunidad Valenciana. Currently he faces his biggest adventure and it’s located in Alicante’s Coast. “My aim is to offer a gastronomic experience that enhances people` s enjoyment and make them vibrate with emotion” Prieto states. My motto: the food as a feast of the senses, I want to transmit unique sensations, not only through the dishes, but also through the scenery that we indulge from our unrivaled views in the Puerto Deportivo of Denia.


The bravo restaurant re-opens next week and Salvador Prieto hopes to stamp his personal mark giving the restaurant a kick of freshness. His purpose is to make the restaurant among the Avant garde cuisine of the Mediterranean. Creating innovative ideas whilst looking to enhance customer satisfaction that will lead to a bright future.


Located, in the heart of the Puerto Deportivo Marina de Denia, north of Alicante and adjoining Valencia , El Bravo offers a variety of products from sea to mountain, national and international.  All of them are fresh and from a superior quality, cooked with love and adding a distinctive touch to stimulate the senses. The restaurant is located within an ideal scenery to organise family reunions to work meetings or romantic dinners and enables visitors to enjoy fabulous views of the port and the city.


Due to the fact this owner is not only mixing different culinary traditions but is also searching for the elements that would distinguish EL BRAVO from other restaurants means that this is the place to visit when you are in DENIA.


There are very limited number of places in The Costa Blanca where you can find unique quality, sea views and luxury boats.  The superb scenery whilst tasting the best possible dishes means this is a unique journey that will leave you feeling that you must come back again.


If you would like to find out more about El Bravo then visit


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