Exclusive Pool Designs from Construma: Infinity Pool and Jacuzzi in Jávea

Contemporary design, high quality finishes, perfect details and the latest technology define this beautifully designed project from the portfolio of Construma which we selected to present today.

In an elegant residential area of the town of Jávea in Costa Blanca, this property features a pool that has been completely reformed. Due to the configuration of the terrain the pool is L-shaped with a 9.5 by 3.8 metre water surface plus a 2 by 1 metre staircase, while the separate Jacuzzi is placed aside.

The outdoor terrace of the villa is paved with Rosa Gres porcelain stoneware in grey wood imitation finish, and the overflowing pool, in contrasting bright white, has the coronation at the exact same level as the terrace floor. Elegantly complimenting the finish of the walls, the white stoneware also highlights the modern design and the perfection of all the details of this pool project.

The top quality technical equipment of the pool includes the salt chlorinator with pH dosing pump, a heat pump with solar panels to support heating, variable speed filtration pump and high performance NanoFiber filter. The NanoFiber filter is self-cleaning thanks to a sophisticated network of tiny fibers which can filter particles of between 5 and 8 microns thus ensuring a high quality of the water of the pool.

The jacuzzi is placed separately on one side of the pool and is covered with high-end tile with relief design. It is also overflowing and its proportions are ergonomically calculated for best comfort.

Each project of Construma is unique, according to the plot, the panoramic view, the landscape and the built environment. The uniqueness of each design resides in both the customers’ requests and the company’s ability to design any kind of pool, be it exterior or interior, of any kind of shape, rectangular or more organic, of various depths and having various ways to connect visually with the construction and the garden. It also includes salt systems, automatic covers, pool heaters automatic disinfection systems and all you need for customising your pool according to your needs.

For more information, visit their website or call them at +34 96 646 19 74.

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