Esempere Consulting; your peace of mind in legal and financial matters

[Enrique Sempere. The owner and expert on all these financial matters]


Choosing the right professionals to help and advise you on any financial, business or tax matter is an investment in time, money and peace of mind.


At Spain Life we always recommend the best to our readers. In this case, this issue is especially important as many of you may need legal advice or counsel on any matter concerning your residencia in Spain.


Therefore, we are now introducing our new expert consultants and this maybe too general a word to define them as Esempere Consulting make a difference in everything they do…Their highly qualified team are trained professionally to assist you for any contingency that your company or your finances have to face.


Who are they and what do they do?




ESEMPERE CONSULTING is a firm made up of experts, specializing in both business and real estate consultancy.


They offer complete advice to those who are thinking about investing but have doubts if the product is viable. Esempere will help you in the decision-making process by getting to know in depth your financial needs. Not only do they act as business advisors maximizing your profits but they are also independent advisors. They are responsible for analyzing and advising on all individual finances.


This last point is important to highlight as they do not belong to any banking institution or work without any intermediaries and do not receive any type of commission. For this reason, personalized customer service is their strong point, always based on the needs of the investor through periodic evaluations and constant monitoring.

Specialized advice for non-residents


Esempere Consulting are also specialized in providing coverage to individuals and non-resident professionals who require advice in the areas of tax, investment, labor and legal. They offer non-residents all types of coverage, from representation and to the management of all their tax obligations.


Everything you need to help you with any dealings you have to help you in your time in Spain and they will take care of everything to save you time and any future headaches. Whether you need tax advice and also help with the paperwork required for your residence.  Esempere Consulting offers you its team of experts for your peace of mind.


At the same time, they provide you with real estate consulting services. For those non-residents who wish to sell or buy a property in Spain they will assist them in the process of buying and selling the property until the final signature at the notary’s office advising them at all times and obtaining the necessary documents and intermediating with the other party in the operation.


As specialized advisors they offer integral solutions in the legal, financial, tax, and real estate areas. They are experts in the integral administration of companies plus offering a complete  service and full  coordination.

Their main aim is to provide the client with the  peace of mind for  any process they may need to establish and Sempere are on hand at all times.



Contact Details:


Phone: (+34) 606 44 51 14





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