Enrique Sempere – Your Go-To Guy for Buying and Selling Property in Spain 

Head of dynamic consulting firm Enrique Sempere is available to assist ex-pats who wish to get properly settled in Spain. 

Sempere Consulting is a consulting firm that specialises in real estate. Specialising in giving advice to non-Spanish residents, Sempere Consulting will help you in the decision-making process by getting to know in depth your financial needs. 

Based in Elche, just outside of Alicante, Esempere will guide you through the whole process involved in the operation of buying property, as well as providing you with all the necessary information and documentation, and acting as a mediator with the other party.

A man with a hands-on approach, leader and founder Enrique Sempere is known as a prominent resident throughout Costa Blanca. A local with a profound knowledge of the area, Enrique provides valuable experience when it comes to dealing with his clients. 


Having attended Harvard Business School, Enrique has an extensive financial profile, with a high command of the entire financial spectrum. He has received raving reviews from past clients, highlighting his professionalism and extraordinary business vision. 

After speaking to Enrique ourselves, we get the sense that he’s an extremely warm and open person that offers a very personable service. As ex-pats in Spain, this is something that is hard to come by and is crucial when looking for a financial consultant. 

For those of us living in Spain who don’t have a high command of the language, looking for a consultant can seem quite daunting. We want to feel that we are in good hands and Enrique transmits a high level of confidence and a sense of calm that is more than assuring. 

Most importantly, Enrique has a high level of English, something that you won’t find in many administrative offices in Spain, let us assure you. 

His team offer a comprehensive and customised service, tending to companies and entrepreneurs in terms of conveyancing, to setting up a company, boasts a potent tax advisory service. 

Before Buying a House in Spain 

Sempere Consulting is available to assist English-speaking ex-pats in settling their affairs to buy property. They’ll help set up your NIE number, which is the Spanish identification number. 

This is unique to each individual and is essential to carry out any transaction in Spain, so you must have it before signing a deed. The NIE isn’t difficult to obtain if you’re already a native Spanish speaker. 

However, it can be a lengthy and complicated process for foreigners, so we recommend you hand the hassle over to Sempere. 

His multilingual team will make you feel at home, so don’t worry about having to deal with any language barriers throughout the process. 

Having a Spanish bank account isn’t compulsory, but it will make the process a lot easier. Your payments will be faster and you won’t be charged commissions. 

Once you have become a property owner in Spain, you can appoint Sempere as your tax representative if you’re not a Spanish resident. 


Buying Property as a Foreigner

Investing in real estate in Spain is always a safe bet. In fact, the real estate sector in our country is one of the few that has remained stable despite the pandemic, making it one of the most profitable when it comes to investing.

2020 was a year marked by the health and economic crisis and the market came to a standstill. The uncertainty generated by the pandemic and its direct impact on household economies around the world meant that investors waited to see how the market would evolve. In fact, according to official data from the Bank of Spain, in 2020 as a whole the volume of transactions fell by 18% compared to 2019.

However, 2021 has gotten off to a good start and investors have once again shown an interest in buying homes in order to obtain profitability through them, which is why a gradual recovery has begun. 

The trend in the third quarter of 2020 showed a substantial increase in real estate investment thanks to its profitability. In fact, the gross rental yield was 3.7%, while the combined profitability of housing (which includes rent plus price variation) reached 5.6% in the same period.

It’s important to consult with an expert such as Enrique Sempere who understand such trends in and out, so you can feel at ease. 

Other services provided by Enrique Sempere: 

  • Tax Auditing: 

The team at Sempere consultancy have had many experiences with clients who weren’t sure whether they were meeting the correct taxation requirements. You can feel safely assured that their team will review your taxes over the previous years to verify that your company has fulfilled its tax obligations according to the accounting information. 

The tax audit analyses and evaluates accounting records, money movements, as well as all documentation containing information relating to the operations carried out by the subject during a given period of time (the periods in fiscal terms go from year to year. 


  • Management of Large Capital Investments: 

Many investors seek financial advice on investment and account management issues because, although they are knowledgeable about the financial market, they do not have the time to pay attention to their investments or believe that their needs would be better served by a full-time adviser. 

Sempere Consulting can provide ongoing investment management services as well as ongoing advice on financial planning issues that an investor may encounter.


  • Preparation of Economic Reports: 

Economic reports are a set of documents that represent a specific study or analysis of the economic situation. These documents are necessary for entrepreneurs to be aware of their current financial situation in order to make crucial decisions. 

Such reports will be swiftly carried out by Sempere Consulting’s team of highly trained professionals. 


  • Risk Analysis: 

Sempere Consulting is able to study the project you wish to undertake, and they’ll accurately analyze the risks involved to ensure you have the most advantageous outcome possible. A financial advisor such as Enrique Sempere can help good make good investment decisions based on our financial objectives and risk tolerance. 



Let’s take a look at what some of Enrique’s satisfied clients had to say about their experience with the services they received: 

Jose Manuel Garcia Suarez: 

“Enrique has a great knowledge of the futures and options markets. I’ve been fortunate to have known him for many years and he is one of the few professionals who knows how to navigate all market cycles” 

Todd Horwitz: 

“Enrique is a pro that has been trading the markets in the past 15 years. He is in the futures and options arena. You can trust him, he is a reliable guy and he knows the markets and how to trade them.”

Carlos Anuncibay: 

Enrique started advising me on my portfolio and how he manages everything for me. His knowledge of futures and options, his honesty and dedication are far above any other professional I have ever met.

Enrique Sempere

Contact Details:

Phone: (+34) 606 44 51 14




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