Enjoy Learning Spanish Quickly and Easily Through Your Own Live-in Spanish Experience


Total Immersion Spanish courses are simply the very best way to learn Spanish quickly and easily. They are a considerable investment in money terms, but in reality they are often cheaper than a year of classes and more effective. The ideal live in Spanish experience offers would be set in the ambiance of the true Mediterranean lifestyle, and these are offered by a very experienced and highly qualified native Spanish teacher (Cristina) in her family villa accommodation on the luxury Las Rotas coast in Denia, Costa Blanca. You live and study in your native teacher’s coastal home, a few meters from the beach in a quiet relaxed setting with amazing views.  The course enables you to practice and improve your Spanish constantly, all under constant expert guidance and tuition throughout your stay. With all day individual contact time, you are guaranteed “one-to-one” teaching and total immersion in the Spanish language. One full week of total immersion in this manner can advance your Spanish more than many months of standard weekly classes, is vastly more enjoyable, and will help you reach your goal of speaking Spanish more than any other method.

A bright and traditional Spanish villa right next to the Mediterranean Sea

Live full board in the villa located just a few meters from the incredible national park coast walk along the Mediterranean, with your own bedroom of course. The villa has a large peaceful garden, terraces and a large swimming pool to take a dip. Spend your time in a relaxed atmosphere where you will be able to speak Spanish spontaneously, without inhibitions, and really advance through professional guidance and easy to learn techniques.

The home and gardens

The smarter way to learn Spanish

The classes are designed specifically according to your preferences and tailored to your own needs with 5 “one-to-one” hours per day tuition, plus one or two enjoyable activities per day of your choice, and living with the family the rest of the time.

Classes on the terrace

Learn to Speak Spanish with Confidence

All work and no play makes the Spanish stay away… so enjoying activities of your own choice during your stay will help you practice what you are learning, in activities such as:
Hiking, walking, cycling, Cultural walks in Denia or surroundings
Sailing, Kite or Paddle-surf, Kayak, Scuba-diving
Preparing real Mediterranean cuisine and other gastronomic activities.

Paella en el jardín

Maximise your learning with our Spanish Immersion Courses

This Spanish Immersion method will really help you to make very fast progress. The dedicated Spanish teaching concentrates on giving you confidence and gaining fluency, enlarging your vocabulary and obtaining the correct pronunciation. We help you vastly improve your Spanish language skills. One total immersion day is equivalent to one week’s intensive course!!!

Skype classes for continuing your Spanish studies

Once you leave the villa, Skype Spanish tuition is our method for continuing your Spanish studies after the Spanish immersion. You choose the day and time for each class, giving you the flexibility of a lesson timetable that suits your lifestyle. You can learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, or from behind your desk at work. You will have an assessment of your needs and a progress report with recommendations for continuing your Spanish studies.

Do you know somebody who would benefit from these immersion courses?

If you have a friend who would enjoy these total immersion Spanish classes, let him/her know!!

Walking and hiking

Flexibility: You choose how long you want to study

You have the flexibility to choose how long you want to study, from:
A weekend 2 day course,
Right up to a number of weeks depending on the time you have available.
If you prefer you can even choose daytime courses only, thus spending the night at your own home.


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