Enjoy your garden all year round

Having your own garden at home is a luxury. A garden gives you a natural space that you can decorate with vegetation and beautiful outdoor furniture. But maintaining a garden is not easy. You need to dedicate it time and attention, things that we usually do not have. Have you thought of an alternative? Sibarigrass offers you the best artificial turf for residential, commercial and landscaping use. Let’s see one of their projects!


Artificial turf can look as amazingly good as real grass. Or even better! Sibarigrass products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and under the strictest environmental requirements. Their artificial turf is permeable and fireproof and resistant to pull up, chlorine, sea water and almost all weather conditions, offering a useful life of 15 years with proper maintenance. The result is a high-quality artificial turf free of heavy metals suitable for people, animals and plants.


Artificial turf is a clean and comfortable alternative


At the end of June the team of experts from Sibarigrass went to a house in Vergel (Alicante) to carry out this neat work with excellent finishes. They used the Bermuda 40 artificial turf, creating a clean, spotless and stylish space and now the clients can use it and make the most of it throughout the year. The installation has been a superb work, adapting to the spaces of the plot and respecting the trees and other existing vegetation. The result is simply amazing, check it out for yourself!


Artificial turf requires less maintenance than natural grass


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Custom turf for your home or business

The professional team of Sibarigrass manages installation and maintenance of artificial turf. You can request your free quote today for your project, whether for residential, commercial, children’s, sports or landscape use. They handle everything! They are the best in terms of design, production and marketing of artificial turf of superior quality. Improve your quality of life with Sibarigrass today! Fore more projects and information, please visit their website and find them on social media.




Avenida de Valencia, 25B, Vergel (Alicante)

Phones: +34 966 477 533 and +34 608 666 131



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