Elys Relocations: Making Your Move to Spain Swift and Efficient

Need help relocating to Spain? Elys Relocations is there to guide you through the whole process, whether you’re in need of logistic, financial, or even holistic assistance.

Searching for a new home is always a struggle, especially if you’re relocating from one country to another. This is where Elys Relocations steps in to help. With over 20 years of experience, the Elys team is made up of ex-pats themselves, so they can completely relate to all your needs and concerns.

When preparing for your move to Spain, you can feel reassured that Elys will make the entire process swift and smooth. By incorporating the service of several partners, they make sure that all your needs are met, in terms of logistics, finance, and even your holistic needs.


Elys Relocations Understands Your Needs

Elys Relocations is made up of a team of experts so they can fully relate to what you’re about to go through. Switching countries can be an extremely stressful process, especially when it’s a place that doesn’t exactly have the highest level of English.

Not only will Elys Relocations assist you with your move in terms of making financial and logistical decisions, but they’ll even make sure you enjoy the process. What’s more, they’ll also help you in the transition in terms of emotional and health-conscious choices. For example, helping you find nearby adequate health services and recreational activities.

For example, the company’s founder Pippa, from the UK, has been living abroad for 20 years, and she’s been through it all. She knows as well as anyone, the stresses of setting up a bank account, getting your Spanish driving license, visa, finding a home that’s suitable for you and your family, all in another country and another language.

Having lived in France first before moving to Spain, Pippa first set up the company in France before bringing it to Marbella, in the south of Spain. Due to the concerns that ex-pats face because of Brexit, the business has really boomed and Pippa and her company have been able to advise and assist many people who dreamed of relocating to Spain.

Find Your Dream Property with Elys Relocations

Trust Elys Relocations when it comes to purchasing, selling, and renting your accommodation. The well-experienced team of experts will be there to assist you with:

  • Buying or selling your property in Spain.
  • Long and short term rental services.
  • Advice on the Spanish buying process.
  • Mortgages
  • Currency
  • Letting or renting your property
  • Property management

Did you know that the Iberian country is among the best countries to emigrate to in 2021? It is not for nothing that it has become the favourite destination for those looking for a lot of partying, an incredible educational offer and job opportunities. Surely you have these and a thousand other reasons to emigrate to Spain.

Elys Relocations will be able to help with this. The team takes the time to get to know each of their clients personally, for example – are they looking for the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city, or do they prefer the peace and quiet of a rural town?

With so much information to take into account, the team works closely with them in the property market to arrange inspection visits on properties to enable them to offer a comprehensive service.

Find Your Dream Home in one of Spain’s Gorgeous Costa’s:

Elys Relocations are highly-equipped to advise you on where you’d be best suited to live based on your lifestyle, budget, and expectations.

With then stunning Costas to choose from, Spain’s ethereal coastline has something on offer for everyone.

Summer may be over for the Brits, but that doesn’t mean it is in Spain. Spain’s ten idyllic coastlines enjoy sunny weather almost all year round, with each having something special to offer. Whether it’s relaxing beaches, extreme sports, forests, or delicious cuisine you’re searching for, you’re bound to find it on the coastline of Spain.

Whether you’re interested in trying out a new holiday destination or maybe even making a permanent move to the Iberian peninsular, here’s some help on deciding which costa is right for you.

The team provide advice on:

  • Costa del Sol
  • Costa Blanca
  • Costa Brava
  • Costa del Azahar
  • Costa de la Luz
  • Costa Dorada

When emigrating to Spain, there are different processes that depend on the type of nationality you have. If you are a citizen of the European Union, belong to the European Economic Union, belong to the Schengen area or have family in Europe, the process will be easier.

But, if you do not have any of these nationalities or any of the conditions described above, don’t worry! Elys Relocations are there to help. Before travelling to Spain, it’s important to check what types of visas and permits are needed to reside in Spain, the requirements for residing in Spain, and what to do if you want to extend your stay.

It may sound overwhelming at first, but you can allow Elys Relocations to assist you in all the legal formalities, making your move that much easier and smoother.


What’s Next for Elys Relocations?

When we spoke to company founder Pippa Maile, she shared with us her goals to continue to assist people and their relocation to Spain and to grow over the next five to six years. “Because of Brexit, people need more help and legal assistance. I’ve lived abroad for a long time now, and I know how stressful it can be”, she said.

Pippa expressed her wishes to grow the business organically, professionally, and to eventually go on to become a bespoke business. With the teams hands-on and personable approach, we have no doubt that she will have no problem in doing so.

Pippa Maile

Phone number: +33 675329999


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