Elite Candles Has all the the Keys to Create a Cosy Atmosphere in Your Home

Elite Candles in Alicante has a wide range of eco-friendly candles that are inspired by nature to revitalise your home. 

Candles are one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to reinvent the decoration of any room. Producing high-quality handmade candles in Alicante, Elite Candles has an extensive showroom of candles to suit both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Capable of making over 200,000 kinds of candles with its manufacturing equipment. Elite Candles exclusively uses natural and sustainable materials such as coconut oil and palm oil for its candle design process. Its processes are 99% sustainable due to the recycling process and the company’s philosophy is to provide a vast range of people with different types of candles and styles and invite you to come and make your own sometimes on private visits in groups and events. 

Keeping environmentally-friendly methods in mind always, Elite Candles operates an efficient recycling system as they ask you to bring your old unused wax candles back and they will recycle them for you and provide new candles for your use.

Resistant to high temperatures, its candles don’t bend in hot Spanish weather, so you can expect them to last for a long time both indoors and outdoors. Using only high-quality natural ingredients, its candles don’t drip and are mostly soot-free, so they don’t generate odours. 

There are some tricks to make candles burn at a slower rate, which also helps to avoid or reduce wax dripping when lit, which Elite Candles has mastered in its production method. With its extensive range in high demand, the company will have been in business for 25 years next year. 

In addition, Elite Candles even holds regular workshops for kids and groups of people who want to come in to see how the whole process works, so the public can enjoy the experience of making its own candles.

Elite Candles candles have wicks that are made purely of cotton, which means that the flame lasts much longer than other candles. Thanks to their strong, wind-resistant wick, the refractive properties of stearin generate a beautiful and unique colour. In addition, the brand uses stearin in its organic candles, which meet the sustainable certification standards of the RSPO – the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.  As an eco-conscious brand, Elite Candles designs all its candles to be recyclable as well as reusable.

Discover Elite Candles’ Various Ranges Available 

Widely popular throughout Costa Blanca, Elite Candles supplies its candles to restaurants and showrooms such as Bello Horizonte and Le Dauphin, and of course to the public. In its broad showroom, the brand has many ranges available to cater to all tastes and ambiences. 

Elite Candles has candles for every style, according to the shape, size, colour, and scent. There are many aspects to look at when choosing the candles to decorate your home with, especially if you want to match the style of decoration. There is always a perfect candle for every space.

– Classic and elegant: in cut crystal jars, in delicate glasses or in porcelain vessels.

– Natural: scented with pine or eucalyptus, and in simple containers.

– Boho: in colourful and cheerful glasses decorated with bohemian motifs. With fruity and floral aromas.

– Minimalist: choose candles in neutral glasses, without decoration. Opt for soft and relaxing scents such as lavender or eucalyptus.

– Nordic air: with containers made of simple materials such as glass or earthenware, and with wood, cinnamon, ginger, etc. fragrances.


Elite Candles boasts many candle products, including candles to suit indoor, and outdoor, candle accessories, candle holders, candle stands, glass containers, candles with imprinted patterns or images, cylindric candles, hollow candles, its Leoluz oil lamp range, and many more! 

Elite Candles ships deliveries worldwide, so get in touch with them today to discover how their designs can spruce up your home. 








Address: Carrer del Riu Xúquer, 10

03778 Beniarbeig, Alicante

Phone: +34 660 55 52 00 


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