Dress Codes in Spain


With the large amount of tourists that flock to Spain every summer, the Spanish have a very modern outlook on the subject of clothing. Like most cultures they like designer clothes but they prefer quality over the designer name, which is reflected in their own Spanish made clothes which are always of high quality and usually very reasonably priced.

Teenage girls tend to wear trousers more than skirts, but denim is something that always seems to be in fashion. In comparison teenage boys are more interested in being aesthetically pleasing than girls and to achieve this they have a fascination with designer wear. Mature adult Spaniards dress very conservatively but maintain a good sense of style, whereas older men tend to wear high quality clothing.


We aren’t sure exactly what Spaniards think of holidaymaker’s sense of fashion but being scantily clad is not acceptable in small villages away from the coast because of them being more traditional than the tourist areas. If entering a holy place like a church you need to be careful about what you wear, swim wear and short skirts etc are frowned upon.

When visiting cities, looking like a tourist may not be the best thing – dressing conservatively is a must. Long dresses or skirts and even trousers are absolutely fine, whereas girls who wear bikini tops and mini – skirts outside of resorts will attract unwanted attention.

Men are discouraged from wearing shorts and football tops around the city and you will rarely see a Spaniard wearing football shorts in town although smart shorts are common and an acceptable item of clothing.

The beach and coastal resorts are fine for any type of clothing; less is best, seems to be the motto.


Business people wear suits, and even in the heat, a shirt and tie. If you are here on business then you would do well to dress the same, despite the heat. Short sleeve shirts are quite acceptable.

Spanish clothes shops stock a wide variety of clothes, as with any European country. On most high streets you will find top names such as River Island, Monsoon etc as well as some local shops that sell high quality clothing. On the coast you will find typical holiday maker shops where the quality of clothing may not be so good.

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