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Design, technology and practicality meet in this tailor made luxury villa designed and built by Dreier New House. “We work on the project’s design until we create the Client’s dream, and then we make it come true” they say, and in the following we invite you to discover this dream residence in Costa Blanca.

 The Project

Taking advantage of the privileged position of the plot, this single family residence is designed to orient the spaces to the facing the best views, opening towards the house’s pool and further to the Mediterranean at the horizon. The architecture speaks two languages, that of the inner side of the house, completely opening to the pool and designed with floor to ceiling sliding openings, and that of the outer side, much more opaque, with only a few vertical stripes of windows.

 “We focused on obtaining the most amount of open view and space while keeping within the sought after privacy of a home” says Nils Dreier, CDO of Dreier New House.

State of the Art Materials

The façades of the villa were tiled with the Largest Existing Sintered Compact Surface on the market, which offers extraordinary characteristics such as being 100% weatherproof and free of maintenance, as well as adding an innovative touch to the design. The two colours selected for the tiles perfectly mark the different volumes of the house. The joints, perfectly aligned according to the project, follow discretely the architectural proportions.

Custom Designed Interior

The outstanding feature of the spaces is that they have been thoroughly adjusted to meet the client’s needs in terms of functionality and proportions. Thus the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the bedrooms are entirely designed to measure.

The open plan of the ground floor includes the living, dining and kitchen area. The guest bathroom is integrated into a corner with a wardrobe and a wine cooler, finished with solid wood panelling. “We cut false joints into the wood panel in order to integrate the floor-to-ceiling door of the bathroom” Craig Dreier says.

“We also integrated the bathroom doors in the master bedroom, Craig further explains. We panelled the whole wall behind the bed, using two kinds of wood, one spray painted in white and the other in its natural colour. We replicated the size of the floor-to-ceiling doors in panels across the wall in order to integrate them into the overall design of the wall.”

The Process

Dreier New House offer Construction, Property Development and Architectural & Design services, all under the careful watch of the Dreier New House in-house team’s expert and experienced Management. Each project is carefully planned and, among the essential parts of the entire process, today we’d like to highlight an essential aspect of their work: communication.

Not only the project itself is unique and tailor made, but the entire relationship with the client is carefully designed as essential basis for the success of each project.

Also, the project accurately represents the space so that the clients understand from the beginning how their project will look like, as shown by the 3d visualisations when compared to real photos:

Clients Say That…

 “We began to understand each other from the very beginning. And we continue doing it now. They were very attentive and fulfilled my expectations. I hope that we will cooperate in the future” said the owners of this house when asked about what made them decide to go with Dreier New House.

Dreier New House Say That…

” Always make something you love. This is how we do it.”

Dreier New House has been creating stunning bespoke villas on the Costa Blanca since 1993. Now with 25 years’ experience, they are renowned for their expertise in the field, for the quality of construction, the exquisite attention to detail and the superb professional service, which has been tailored to each client’s individual needs. By adding the architectural development and design to their services, Dreier New House are now able to push creativity and customisation, and take further control of each new project. The in-house architectural and design service is leaded by Nils Dreier, Chief Design Officer.

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