Dr. Jose Salvador: Mommy Makeover For Ideal Body Contouring

One of life’s greatest miracles and joy is having a child. As a mother, your love support and cares for your children and this frequently extends beyond dedication and emotional care however, pregnancy and nursing can cause a slew of physical changes in your body.


Whether you’ve had a single or several pregnancies, a twin pregnancy, little or large infants, major weight gain during pregnancy, weight reduction after pregnancy, or a longer nursing cycle, all of these circumstances can influence your body’s alterations.

Pregnancy can change the flexibility of the skin, particularly in the breasts and abdomen, and each woman will respond differently. The abdomen frequently exhibits both muscular laxity (called diastasis) and extra skin. The breasts may lose volume or droop to varying degrees when compared to their pre-pregnancy dimensions.

So in this article today we will discuss the procedure known as “Mommy makeover”, for which Dr. Jose Salvador is a specialist surgeon.



Mommy makeover

Plastic surgery after pregnancy can also be known as the “Mommy Makeover,” and it describes the wide variety of treatments available to correct post-pregnancy changes. According to Dr. Salvador, there is no standard formula for a mommy makeover, it is always tailored to your individual needs.

Here are some of the most common procedures performed during a mommy makeover:

Liposuction: gets rid of fat from the body and is commonly done on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back, and arms.

Breast Lift: helps reshape the breasts by lifting sagging skin.

Breast Augmentation: restores the contour of your breasts by replacing lost volume. It can also help with breast symmetry.

A Tummy Tuck: removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen. It can also help to strengthen weakened abdominal muscles.

For many women who want to recover their form after becoming a mother, the mommy makeover is a wonderful body contouring solution. While many aspects of your new life are pleasant, exciting and even gratifying the changes to your body may be both undesirable and embarrassing.

However it is a fact that most parents don’t have the luxury of a lengthy recuperation time following a mommy makeover, so a treatment plan that gets you back to your family life, and more importantly, your own life, as soon as possible is always recommended, Dr. Salvador says.

If you want to regain gorgeous skin and stunning contours with this multi-step procedure, we cordially encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jose Salvador to learn more about this body shaping option.

If you have any questions for Mommy Makeover or would want to book a consultation, please contact him.

Doctor José Salvador and his team of specialists at Clinica Biyó provide you with confidence and professionalism in a wide range of self-improvement and aesthetic treatments. He has clinics in Denia and Torrevieja, as well as his headquarters in Alicante city, which is conveniently positioned in Alicante province.


Contact details:

Clínica Quirónsalud

C/ Cruz de Piedra, nº 4

03015 Alicante

Telephone:  628 893 320 / 965 665 999



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