Do you know the role of the real estate consultant?

Maybe you have never asked yourself this question, either because you have not yet needed one or because you were unaware of its existence. Well, in this article we are going to introduce you to this role, as well as all the functions that he/she can perform and all the advantages that hiring a real estate advisor would bring you in any sale or purchase related to a property.


We could go on for a long time in answering this question, as a real estate advisor combines many aspects: lawyer, salesperson, analyst, negotiator… And sometimes even other more exotic sides are incorporated, as the process can be a real puzzle for the buyer and seller.


But, in short, the real estate advisor will be in charge of making sure that the real estate transaction is carried out with total security and perfect protection of your interests, taking care of all the documentary, economic and legal processes involved in the transaction. In addition, he will act as a mediator with the other party to the transaction, always protecting the interests of his client.



Among the many functions of the real estate advisor, the following stand out:



  • Obtaining the Foreigners Identification Number (NIE), essential for a multitude of procedures in the buying and selling process.
  • Opening, maintaining, and closing a bank account, should the client wish to cease to have one in Spain once the financial transaction of the transfer is completed.
  • Ensuring that the property complies with all legal requirements and that there are no hidden charges that the buyer may later have to pay.
  • The advisor will take care of obtaining the necessary certificates and real estate licenses to ensure that the property is in the correct condition and provide them at the time of signing the deed.
  • He will mediate with the other party involved, in order to achieve the objectives desired by his client.
  • Any kind of representation before the relevant authorities in Spain.
  • Fulfillment of the fiscal obligations derived from the purchase and sale of a property.
  • In short, compliance with the Law and providing security in the transaction, and avoiding unpleasant surprises, not only in the economic sphere but also in other areas that can ruin the investment made.




In addition to carrying out these transactions, a real estate consultant can be responsible for other areas such as: directing, managing, making a real estate company profitable, drawing up the real estate business plan, planning the promotion of the brand and the property catalog, and many other related responsibilities.


At Spain Life, we understand that buying and selling a property can be tricky if you do not have enough knowledge to be able to take charge of it, that is why it is always advisable to hire an expert on the subject such as Enrique Sempere that we always recommend for your peace of mind in legal and financial matters, to advise you in this process, as well as being your trusted person.



For all these reasons, when it comes to buy or sell a property, it is advisable to turn to a real estate consultant to guide you through the whole process involved in the operation, and to provide you with all the necessary information and documentation, as well as acting as a mediator with the other party, ensuring that the operation is successfully completed, reducing the problems and headaches that would arise if you did not have this figure by your side.





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