Divot Gastro: The Authenticity of Each Dish Will Make You Come Back Every Time

If there is something special about Divot Gastro Grill, it is the passion with which the food is cooked and the dinners are served. Guests can enjoy a very extensive menu of both food and drinks in a warm environment with the best customer service.

In this wonderful restaurant located in Marbella, there is not a single dish that stands out because everything is of superior quality, from the meats to the fish, even the salads and cocktails.

Those who come to enjoy a gastronomic experience at this restaurant – which is undoubtedly one of the best in the area – not only leave satisfied with the dishes they choose for the occasion, but everything that happens behind the doors of Divot Gastro Grill is worthy of repeating.

Among the new proposal of dishes that Divot Gastro Grill is surprising diners with, the standout options include scallops, mango cannelloni, and lamb chops from New Zealand. This is typical of the restaurant: there are products from different parts of the world, ready to be tasted by the most exquisite palates.

It should be noted that the menu will change again in May because the idea is for people to try and expand their palates with different culinary proposals in such a special place as this top restaurant.

Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the best vegetables that are purchased from local producers and can be grilled, as well as vegetarian pasta, asparagus, and artichoke: explosions of flavor.

Other standout dishes from the menu include crispy artichoke with micuit foié and breadcrumbs and coca tête de moine with jam. And furthermore, even more outstanding when paired with wines from an extensive wine cellar, such as Vinos de Toro.

Children are not left out of the delights of Divot Gastro Grill. For them, fries with nuggets, bolognese pasta, fish, and empanadas are cooked.

Many people come to experience this restaurant located in Banús. As a couple, with friends, to celebrate a special event or date. Divot Gastro Grill will not disappoint you.

For meat lovers, they have to be seduced by the veal cutlet with onion and sliced tomato, the beef tagliata with parmesan and arugula, and the wagyu (Japanese beef). And there are still more must-try delights: steamed mussels with white wine and coconut sauce, seasonal lobster salad, salmon tartare, and shrimp and avocado delicacies.

Don’t wait any longer to book a table at Divot Gastro and be part of a premium gastronomic experience that you will find in Marbella.


Contact details:

Address: Banús Executive Golf, Cam. del Ángel, s/n, 29660 Marbella, Málaga


Phone: +34 951 56 61 72


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