Divot Gastro Grill: An Explosion Of Flavours

Here at Spain Life Exclusive we like to inform you of what we feel are the best at meeting all the criteria in terms of great dining and value for money and so today we are informing you of a gastronomic experience that you just cannot miss out on in Marbella.

The Restaurant is DIVOT GASTRO GRILL and it is known for its amazing meat dishes plus fresh seafood and more. A place where they offer not only the best quality of ingredients in a spectacular location but also an experience you will want to visit time after time. At Divot, they love to experiment and create amazing new dishes that result in explosions of flavor.

As soon as you arrive at this lovely setting which is built into the Banus Golf resort you will be greeted by the smiling helpful staff. Being on a golf course gives the place a sense of tranquility and beautiful surroundings that restaurants closer to roads don’t get. The restaurant has an open and vast car parking and open spaces that give it that peaceful feel. It is the perfect location for golfers to stop by and also for the customers to visit the golf course.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with tastefully decorated walls and wood ceilings and The location is inviting and comfortable to make sure you enjoy a beautiful dining experience. In fact, Divot is so exclusive it is the only restaurant in Marbella where you can fly in with a helicopter as one of their best clients does regularly. This is due to the great relationship between the restaurant and the HeliAir company which brings their customers for a meal if they request it.

The menu provides a variety of Mediterranean options with their specialty being anything grilled. The menu changes from time to time in order to stay innovative and keep up with new flavors, however, they make sure to keep the customer’s favorite dishes. The managers of Divot are Martins Vanags and Ben Mahdaoui who have vast experience of over 20 years in the gastronomic area. They are the heart and soul of Divot and they make sure to connect with their customers. They owe their success to the human connections they build with their customers and the assured quality of every dish. Their passion and knowledge of fine dining have made DIVOT a must-visit venue.


What makes DIVOT different?

At Divot they offer a very personalized approach to their clients, most of them who know the chefs personally and feel free to ask for any special requests. They believe in flexibility and connecting with the customers needs, an approach you will not find anywhere. Additionally, food is always cooked to the quality and standards set in the kitchen.

Chef Martins gained his first experience in the culinary world while he studied at the chef school in Riga, which allowed him to later be hired as a head chef only 5 years later. The two chefs (Martins and Ben)  have years of experience working in Marbella both  as chefs and Maitre.This facilitated the process of opening their own restaurant as many of the customers in the area already knew about their talent and received the restaurant with open arms.

According to the chef Martins every dish they offer contains history and traditional ingredients that tell a story as the presentation of every single plate is curated to offer the guests an experience of fine dining.  In fact, many of their reviews confirm that it is one of the places to receive some of the best meat dishes in Marbella.

If you decide to visit you have to order the grilled scallops with truffle mashed potatoes and seasonal mushrooms, a dish to die for. For those with a sweet tooth, their selection of desserts is also divine. We recommend trying the “milhojas de crema” which will blow you away not only because of the flavor but its lovely presentation as well.



Throughout the whole experience, you will be taken care of by their well-prepared waiters who will assist you and recommend new dishes for you to indulge in. The chefs have carefully chosen a staff that resembles their high expectations for quality and service. It is an ideal place for a family dinner, a date, and even a day spent with friends and family.

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