Discover the Timeless Beauty of Jilly Law’s Artworks at Darch & Co in Sotogrande

Amidst the charming alleys of Sotogrande, lies a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered – the breathtaking art of Jilly Law at Darch & Co. Jilly, a master of resin sculpture paintings, brings her artistic vision to life in each one-of-a-kind piece she creates. Her works are a fusion of mixed media on canvas, utilizing the natural beauty of rock quartz to amplify positive energy and add a touch of modern elegance.


Born in England, Jilly’s love for art started at a young age, and she is a professional ‘resin and mineral’ artist since 2017. Her paintings are a reflection of her love for life and the world around her, and she uses color, brushstrokes, and texture to tell a story and evoke emotions in her viewers.



Jilly’s passion for art lies in its ability to evoke emotions and bring a sense of calm to the viewer. Through the use of resin and crystals, she adds texture, captures light, and brings a pop of color to any space. Each piece is lovingly handmade with the intention of complementing your personal decor and elevating the ambiance of your interior design.

Her Crystal Collection, in particular, showcases the full extent of Jilly’s artistic talent. The collection features rock quartz, known as the ‘Power Stone’ and ‘Master Healer’, which amplifies positive energy and adds a touch of modern beauty to each piece. Jilly’s paintings are not only visually stunning but also meaningful, inviting the viewer to become a part of the scene.



Whether you’re a fan of portraits, landscapes, or still lifes, Jilly’s work has something for everyone. Her intricate details, textures, and crystal elements add sophistication and glamour to her paintings, making each one a true masterpiece. Jilly’s love for art began at a young age and has only continued to grow, and her passion for creating shines through in each piece she produces.



The art of Jilly Law at Darch & Co in Sotogrande is not just a display of artistic talent, but a celebration of creativity, passion, and beauty. Each piece is unique, handcrafted with care, and designed to bring joy, tranquility, and positive energy to your personal space. So, why not take a stroll through the streets of Sotogrande and uncover the wonders of Jilly Law’s art for yourself?


Address: Sotomarket Office 26-27

Phone: +34 616 77 19 05

Opening hours: 10-18:00H


Tel: +34 633 042 838

Facebook: @ArtJillyLaw

Instagram: Jilly Law Art



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