Discover the Essence of Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine at L’Olleta with Chef César Marquiegui

We had an exclusive interview with César Marquiegui, the chef at L’Olleta, who shared the culinary concept behind the restaurant and what makes it so special. Let’s get to know him!

What is the philosophy behind your innovative approach to traditional Mediterranean dishes at L’Olleta?

Seeking the essence. Trying not to follow trends, and aiming for a rooted, traditional, and genuine cuisine; respecting seasons and ingredients. This is the case with dishes like coca with pisto and burrata, meatballs with cuttlefish, or the morralets with monastell sauce.

What inspired the unique flavors and ingredients in your signature L’Olleta rice dishes?

First, the idea is to aim for good digestion. Using zero additives, zero sweeteners. The goal is recognizable flavors, seeking good morralta and mantis shrimp, and a great rice. Like the red mullet and shrimp rice, lechola, shrimp, and artichoke rice, or the creamy sea urchin rice.

How do you go about selecting ingredients for your menu, and what role does local produce play in your culinary creations?

I always respect seasonal products. That is, outside of their season, I don’t buy vegetables or fish. That’s my premise. This is my DNA. I try to ensure local products are on the menu, prioritizing proximity and closeness. But it’s also true that if I find a top product farther away, I buy it and cook it. I’m not a zealot of the KM0 concept.

Are there any traditional dishes from the region that influence your menu, and how do you pay homage to these classics at L’Olleta?

The rice dishes, without a doubt. And working with local fish. We are garden, sea, and rice. The most characteristic rice dish of the restaurant is the one named after it, primarily composed of sea urchin. The sea urchin is the product that defines L’Olleta and around which we even organize gastronomic events.

“WE ARE GARDEN, SEA, AND RICE,” Chef César Marquiegui.

Your menu features a wide variety of starters. How do you develop these unique flavor profiles and combinations?

We look for dishes that attract diners, that they can share, and above all, that they can only eat here at L’Olleta. We aim to be different and exclusive. Not complex, but not too basic either. The combinations and flavors are guided by our customers. We are very respectful of tastes. If something doesn’t work, we remove it. If something is in demand, we add it to the menu.

Experience the culinary artistry of Chef César Marquiegui at L’Olleta, where every dish is crafted with passion and respect for tradition. Diners are invited to savor the true essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Reserve a table today and embark on a gastronomic journey like no other!

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