Discover the Cucine kitchen design in Arrital Valencia

The kitchen is not a place where you consume food. It is a space where rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K(itchen) Culture.


In this day and age, kitchen becomes the protagonist of the home, at the same time characterizing the living space. Arrital Valencia, exclusive distributor of Arrital Cucine from Italy, designs a special unique space for their customer.



Glass, wood, “green” recycled materials which can be recycled again, technologically advanced and innovative materials which embody the warmth of tradition and trending materials.

All underpinned by the Arrital’s vision of the kitchen: Research, Design, Technology and Emotion.


For Arrital, Quality Management is not a commitment to a rule. It’s choosing of a way to operate, a company approach which brings clients and their satisfaction at the centre of its attention. It’s for that Arrital received the “100 Eccellenze Italiane” award.


Arrital has several International Design Awards.

Product Collection of Design Kitchen

Simplifying complexity to make innovation available to everyone: Arrital Cucine proposes a “project system” which can fulfill a wide variety of requirements in terms of taste and target, flanked by three iconic design models for users who are looking for unique and exclusive furnishing solutions.



Design: Arch. Franco Driusso


“The kitchen becomes a system” that develops around 5 different openings: from the doors with the elegant 30º edge to the matching lacquered external handle featuring an exclusive hidden ed finished.


5 different solutions along with an extensive range of sought-after materials create diverse aesthetical and tactile feelings. From the brushed natural woods to Micromalta (micro-cement), from the exclusive textured glasses to the elegant glossy and matt lacquered finishes.


AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital


The composition features modular handles lacquered in the same finish as the door, fitted at a 45º angle with patented hidden fitting system to avoid visible screws from the inside.


The equipped pull-outs maximize the storage capacity of the units. Metal open units are integrated in the modularity giving access to base and tall-units side.


AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital


The composition features Natural Oak finish doors with 30º top edge and flat groove. Beautifully made are the 45º finishing side panels joining with the doors.

MC33 Micromalta used for tall units and worktop match the floor in the same material.

The living area blends harmoniously with the environment creating a one material solution.


AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital


AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_05. Kitchen design by Arrital


Color and functionality are the main features of this composition. Groove, open units and metal table are colour matching.

Lateral open units do no alter the storage capacity of the base and tall units next to them and at the same time grant a beautiful aesthetical touch.


You can visit our showroom in Valencia, Calle Burriana 51.

To find out more information you can visit: or call 963 22 39 72

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