Direkt Optik: combating hearing loss with advanced testing facilities

Direkt Optik Moraira, a trusted name in eye care services on the Costa Blanca since 2008, has expanded its offerings to include comprehensive hearing tests.

As a British-owned opticians operating in the beautiful coastal town of Moraira, Direkt Optik has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and personalized care. With the introduction of their hearing testing room, they are now equipped to address not only visual health but also the increasingly prevalent issue of hearing loss.

Combating hearing loss

Hearing loss is a growing health concern that affects millions of people worldwide. It can have a profound impact on an individual’s quality of life, affecting their communication, social interactions and overall well-being. Identifying hearing loss at an early stage is crucial for timely intervention and the preservation of one’s hearing abilities.

Direkt Optik Moraira understands the importance of accurate and precise diagnostics in identifying and addressing hearing loss. That’s why their hearing testing room is furnished with the latest equipment, ensuring comprehensive evaluations and reliable results. By investing in cutting-edge technology, Direkt Optik demonstrates their commitment to providing the highest standard of care to their valued clients.

Hearing tests

These tests are conducted by qualified and experienced audiologists who have a deep understanding of the intricacies of auditory health. By employing a personalized approach, the experts at Direkt Optik can assess each patient’s unique hearing needs and develop tailored solutions accordingly.

Direkt Optik Moraira continues to be a leading provider of quality eye care on the Costa Blanca. And now is also the go-to destination for all your auditory health needs!

If you would like more information, or to request a hearing test appointment, please call on 965 745 989, or message via WhatsApp at 722 473 237.

Contact details:

Address: Carretera Moraira – Calpe 200, Moraira, 03724, Alicante, España

Tel: 965 745 989

WhatsApp:722 473 237

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