Delicious Choices from the Menu of Kanaiia Centro in Calpe

If you like gourmet food and signature tapas, then Kanaiia Centro in Calpe is the place for you to enjoy dishes like a delicious Tataki Beef with arugula and parmesan, a succulent Black Angus Beef rib with fresh herb butter and lime, or the richly flavoured Sauteed Langoustines with Hindu curry, pineapple and fried rice, not to mention their special selection of desserts which comes as a separate menu.

Everything at Kanaiia Centro restaurant has a special twist: the interior features playful contemporary artworks – and the logo itself is an artwork as well; the dishes feature innovative combinations and also come on fashionable plates; the wine list is presented as a label on a large Magnum bottle… and altogether with the versatility, the creativity and the quality of the dishes set a new standard to the meaning of ‘urban lounge’ with ‘signature dishes’.

The dishes are the creation of Chef Patrick Manguette and represent a fusion of haute cuisine and delicious casual food at affordable prices, and the menu is so generous and diverse that it is hardly probable not to find the right choice to suit any taste.

Among our favourites we have two dishes that are simply great for the summer: a Salad with fried goat cheese, red fruits and nuts, and a Smoked Salmon with tomatoes, avocado, vegetables, rocket, nuts and crystal bread. We also appreciate the wine selection at Kanaiia and since the white is so refreshing right now in the middle of the summer and also rounds off the flavours of cheese and fish and nuts, we suggest you try their 100% Verdejo selection that include the Marques de Irune and the Caserio de Dueñas.

Reservations are highly recommendable especially if you’d like to enjoy the terrace of Kanaiia Centro and you can call them at +34 966 933 612. For more details, check their story and the full menu on their website

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