A Conversation with Juan Soqueta from Soqueta Restaurant

They are located in a charming small town, right next to some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Blanca. They run a family restaurant and have for 34 years excelled in preparing a stunning menu using only the freshest products from the Valencian land and sea.

They are the Soqueta restaurant, and today we have a talk with Juan Soqueta who takes care of the daily management and running of the restaurant and introduces us to the world of Mediterranean taste, tradition and innovative approach.


Soqueta started as a family business and this is what defines the restaurant. Tell us more about your family story.

The restaurant opened its doors on August 14th 1984 and was founded by my grandparents. They were already having a small bar here, in Oliva, and they thought they could take one step further so they opened a small place, of only 70 square metres, and with a small kitchen serving cocina de mercado (fresh market cuisine). The concept of Soqueta was to use only fresh products from the area, from the nearby farms and gardens, and from the town’s fishermen. My parents also joined and the business grew little by little, constantly, so that 8 years ago we completely redesigned the space and extended it.


Is now all the family involved in the business?

Yes, we are all here, my parents, my sister and myself, and everybody has their part to take care of, for example my sister is more involved in the way the kitchen works and I take care of the management, but the work is somehow divided between all of us. And the decisions as well, as we always consult with the whole family and decide together.


What would be, in your vision, the essence of Mediterranean cuisine?

The Mediterranean kitchen is by all means defined by the ingredients used. We at Soqueta continue and will always use fresh local ingredients, even though today the situation is a bit different from that of 34 years ago. Today we might find the best tomatoes of the season in the city of Alicante and the freshest seafood in the Market of Valencia, so the “local” somehow extended over the borders of Oliva and its surroundings.



Soqueta offers modern Mediterranean cuisine. Which is the difference?

The modern touch comes from tastes that are in demand right now and, also, from certain twists that we add to the traditional dishes. We serve, for instance, our grilled squid with julienne vegetables and mustard sauce. The fried calamari (in Castellano calamares puntilla) – with fresh shrimp and chives. Overall, we approach the recipes that we know from generations with a fresh touch, inspired from international cuisine.


But there are plenty of traditional dishes in the menu, as well.

Definitely, and I would say that the traditional rice courses are among our star dishes, together with the fish and seafood ones. You need to try our arroz del senyoret or arroz con gamba roja to see that for yourselves.


What about the clients? 

We have people coming from Dénia, Gandia, Valencia, Alicante and the interior of the region to have our dishes. And we have quite a few regular customers that have been coming for many years, some of them for over 20 years now, and that have their favorite dishes in our menu. There are several companies around the area that organise events and have their business dinners at Soqueta. There are also more and more foreigners coming, many expats who moved here to Costa Blanca and, especially during summer, we have people from all around the world.

Make sure you check with us regularly on the latest dishes available at Soqueta restaurant. Meanwhile discover more at

Address: Via de Ronda 118, Playa de Oliva, Valencia
Make your reservations by calling: +34 962 851 452 or emailing at:

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