Construction of the future: Sustainable and bioclimatic architecture

Industries of all kinds are looking to move forward with ways to make their sectors eco-friendlier; and the construction industry is no exception to that.

GV Arquitecnia, a company working in the areas of Valencia and Alicante, is “building houses of the future,” with innovative ideas to save energy, economy, and the environment.

One way they do that is by using materials produced locally. Not only does this help the local economy, but also keeps pollution from transportation to a minimum.

GV Arquitecnia began five years ago by Javier Guerri, and his team is built up with construction workers and architects with up to 20 years’ experience in their fields.

(The photo above is the end result of a construction job by GV Arquitecnia)

They work with their customers, from the beginning of the planning, helping with documentation and legal matters, until the moving-in date. Their main strength is to help plan sustainable living and build bioclimatic architecture. They have ideas for environmentally friendly constructions, such as creating a lot of natural shade around the house, to keep the clients cool and comfortable in their home.

Guerri says that the treatment to their clients is what makes GV Arquitecnia stand out. He says, “we work fast and always find the solution, that’s what makes us special.”

They work with both expats and nationals in Spain, and have spread their services right through both regions of Valencia and Alicante. As well as building houses from scratch, they also do reconstructions, and commercial property as well as larger buildings.

If you are interested in knowing more about GV Arquitecnia and their services, please visit: or call: 963321032/ 609614132


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