Condado Night Venue Special Flamenco Night

In the heart of Dénia in the main street Marquesa De Campo sits the converted cinema that has now become the exclusive night spot Condado.

After a two year total refurbishment the venue opened its doors three years ago to now become one of the main spots to visit to be entertained and enjoy a typical Spanish evening as we did recently with their flamboyant and traditional Flamenco show that they hold on Monday evenings. The venue has lovely staff to greet you when you enter and has been designed and decorated to a high standard and is extremely impressive when you enter into the main hall where the stage is and the tables which are all set out for their guests to enjoy their evening.

Throughout the evening you are given a lovely menu to choose from and we had the three course one with a variety of dishes to enjoy which was excellent for the cost. We were guests so we were given a excellent bottle of Chenin Blanc champagne and the waitress was very attentive and courteous in her demeanour throughout the whole night. First of all we were served with  a lovely mixed salad presentation on a large dish so the three of us could enjoy as much as you wish and this was served on lovely plates to make you feel relaxed immediately as the attention from the waitress was first class.

We then moved on to dishes of herb mixed croquette potatoes and Ravioli with cheese herbs and a exquisite sauce that was a lovely taste all round. There was also for the main courses Entrecote steak with potatoes and a nice array of vegetables followed by a variety of postres and we chose the Chocolate ice Cream- Caramel in lemon served in a bowl which proved to be the ideal finale to what was a well presented meal all round. Of course this was served whilst we were now observing the amazing quartet of Flamenco ensemble with all the tradition of the singers and dancers who are all experts in their field.

The style of Flamenco has changed at times over the years but this quartet stay true to their roots and perform two sessions of some of the most intimate and absorbing dance routines and singing we have ever seen in Spain. The Guitarist would not look out of place in any good band in the world as his skills and speed of hand was incredible to watch and the ladies themselves splendid in their wonderful costumes made you feel you were very much part of Spain.


Overall the show was terrific and they bring out a special lady at the end who provides great entertainment in a humorous way with her rendition of My Way in Spanish and then seeks to come into the audience to get their participation and everyone enjoys themselves.


The great thing about the evening is there were families – couples and others all present having a good time and  they received two encores such was the quality of the show .


This is something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to be entertained or to  take their wife or family to enjoy the food the ambience and CONDADO,S excellent hospitality as it is a venue we will go back to time and again .


See their entertainment calendar for the year on their website and book today online or by calling +34 965 27 00 27.

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