Clinica Britannia: new photodynamic therapy for anal fistulas, hidradenitis suppurativa and other cutaneous diseases.

The photodynamic therapy with Multidiode™ 630 PDT is an innovative minimally invasive option for multiple diseases that improves the quality of life of patients, avoiding surgery, hospitalisations and downtime.


The clinical essays realised till now with this new technology have shown a nearly 100% resolutions in case of basal-cell carcinomas in the first session, and high healing rates in cases of hidrosadenitis, keloids and pilonidal cyst. Furthermore, it exists neither risk of side effects, nor complications for the patients.


Clinica Britannia provides a new photodynamic therapy for skin diseases.
Clinica Britannia provides a new photodynamic therapy for skin diseases.


Photodynamic Intralesional Therapy (PDT) is specially indicated for certain diseases such as perianal fistulae, suppurative hidradenitis and other skin diseases such as warts, skin carcinoma and skin keloid or other non-aesthetic scars. The novelty of this technique consists on the fact that the scalpel is no longer needed, and a newest generation laser is used instead. For such purpose, a sensitising substance is injected in the lesion, so the inflammatory or malignant cells contained in the lesion become sensible to the laser light; this causes a destruction of the inflammatory cells and induces a regeneration with normal tissue, being totally respectful to normal cells, therefore the technique will not harm any surrounding structures such as normal skin, muscles and other tissues.


Clinica Britannia provides a new photodynamic therapy for skin diseases.
Clinica Britannia provides a new photodynamic therapy for skin diseases.

Anal fistulae may become after a perianal abscess or inflammation. They may develop pain, discomfort or perianal suppuration in a chronic way. Conventional surgical treatment of these fistulae is marked with a long postoperative period.This new technique solves such problem in a high percentage of cases along with an excellent recovery without pain and Surgical wounds.


Suppurative hidradenitis causes a poor quality of life by causing relapsing inflammatory processes and suppuration in axillae, and other anatomical areas (neck, inguinal area, perianal and so on). This technique does not require hospital stay and is normally performed under local anaesthetics.


Other skin diseases such as warts, keloid and non-aesthetic scars and basocellular carcinomas can also benefit from this therapy. Keloid scars can be controlled by means of PDT; basal cell skin cancer has an excellent response rate, fully disappearing in almost 100% of cases, no matter their size, and with an excellent aesthetic result.



Till now percutaneous application of photodynamic therapy couldn’t reach more than three millimetres deep into the dermis. But now, thanks to investigations and technological advances, this therapy already allows treating hidradenitis, basal cell carcinomas and keloids located to three centimetres deep of the epidermis. A new technique that allows delivering both the photosensitising drug and the laser light inside the injuries to the depth that is needed through a fiber optic makes it possible. This facilitates the treatment of major size injuries, at a greater depth.


This minimally invasive and effective treatment method has many advantages for both physician and patient such as: Selective destruction of the tumour, no pain, no alteration of adjacent tissue and organs, effectiveness in dermal tumours with great depth and thickness impossible to obtain with other non-invasive techniques; 100 times more powerful than led lamps for photodynamic therapy; Multi-application PDT platform for Dermatology and Oncology; Safe, effective and minimally invasive therapy; Fast, comfortable procedures with nor downtime neither side effects; includes friendly use intuitive software with touchscreen.


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