Cirufast, the Dr. Martín Espinosa’s method that has revolutionized aesthetic surgery

Increase or reduction of chest, placement of gastric balloon, hair transplant… Every day more and more people want to go through plastic surgery. However, most of them do not dare to take the step because of the risks involved in an operation of this type. Until now.

Dr. Martín Espinosa has gone further. With more than 25 years of experience and leading the Royal Aesthetic Clinic team, he has developed a new method of intervention faster and more comfortable: Cirufast. This is a procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis and quite quickly. The process is simpler than a usual aesthetic surgery operation.



Cirufast works like this. The patient arrives at the clinic the same day of the intervention and performs the inevitable paperwork. Afterwards, he or she is prepared and local anaesthesia is applied. This is one of the main advantages, since the patient falls asleep through relaxation. Since general anesthesia is not needed, the patient breathes on his or her own, without the need for machines, so recovery is much faster. Interventions with Cirufast last between one and three hours. As it is an outpatient method, the patient can go home on the same day and, after two days, he or she can start a normal life.



Its benefits are numerous. However, not all interventions can be performed with Cirufast. When a deeper intervention is needed, in case there is a lot of excess skin or a great liposuction is required to go to an operating room in a hospital, where Dr. Martin Espinosa operates them. For example, 80% of cases of breast augmentation can be performed with Cirufast. But what more interventions can be done? The applications are multiple: breast augmentation, placement of gastric balloon, hair transplant, eyebrow elevation, treatment for joints or articulations, buttock augmentation with fat transfer, lip augmentation and ear reshaping, among many others.


After the intervention, Royal Aesthetic Clinic offers its patients a 24-hour telephone and a WhatsApp line through they can send messages, updates and photos. The future of aesthetic medicine is in your hands.



Do you want more information? You can contact them on the phone +34 96 686 49 34, write them to their email ( or visit their website: The clinic is located at 5 Joaquín Rodrigo street, local 3 of El Albir, in Alfaz del Pi (Alicante).

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