Chic kitchen designs found in Arrital Valencia

The kitchen is not a place where you consume food. It is a space where rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K(itchen) Culture


In this day and age, kitchen becomes the protagonist of the home, at the same time characterizing the living space. Arrital Valencia, exclusive distributor of Arrital Cucine from Italy, designs a special unique space for their customer.




Glass, wood, “green” recycled materials which can be recycled again, technologically advanced and innovative materials which embody the warmth of tradition and trending materials.


All underpinned by the Arrital’s vision of the kitchen: Research, Design, Technology and Emotion.


For Arrital, Quality Management is not a commitment to a rule. It’s choosing of a way to operate, a company approach which brings clients and their satisfaction at the centre of its attention. It’s for that Arrital received the “100 Eccellenze Italiane” award.


Arrital has several International Design Awards.


Product Collection of Design Kitchen


Simplifying complexity to make innovation available to everyone: Arrital Cucine proposes a “project system” which can fulfill a wide variety of requirements in terms of taste and target, flanked by three iconic design models for users who are looking for unique and exclusive furnishing solutions.


AkB_08 – The kitchen with two hearts

Design: Arch. Franco Driusso

Chef: Andrea Berton


AkB_08 is a project of strategic, conceptual innovation which takes the functional requirements of a professional kitchen into the home through a close look at sophisticated, consistent appeal.


The home kitchen becomes the melting pot of different professions, the finishing line on a path paved with design concepts, a place in which two hearts, one technical and functional, the other visual and design-oriented, are fused into an iconic design product.





AkB_08 kitchen


The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Of Architecture And Design

Winner 2016


The requirements of a top class chef have been incorporated into an ultra-sophisticated product.


AK 08 kitchen design from Arrital Valencia
AKB_08. Kitcken design by Arrital


Image and design. Functionality and innovation. A top class restaurant kitchen in your home.


The combination of the 30º bevelled counter top and sides with the door frame create a stylish, visual image of great impact.

The innovative aluminium frame hugs the door panel which is available in a variety of materials.

The white Corian® surfaces define the island, contrasting with the Tissuee Elite veneer featured on the tall cupboards and the boiserie “Strato”.


Ak_08 kitchen design from Arrital Valencia
AKB_08. Kitcken design by Arrital


The single-block tall cupboards with practical recessed doors, featuring a pull-out steel table, house a chill blaster and a built-in vacuum packing machine, in addition to all the technical equipment needed in a professional kitchen.


AK_08 kitchen design from Arrital Valencia
AKB_08. Kitcken design by Arrital


Different skills for an exclusive kitchen which combines the functionality and practicality of an award-winning restaurant with image and design.


AK_08- kitchen design by Arrital Valencia
AKB_08. Kitcken design by Arrital




In a professional kitchen, all the utensils are on hand: the multi-purpose, stainless steel work tops increase the chef’s working area.


A pop-up panel, located near the sink, places all the utensils, your need for food preparation and cleaning, on the work top while a thin steel plate slides into position to provide extra space when the food does not need washing.


AK_08-Kitchen design from Arrital Valencia
AKB_08. Kitcken design by Arrital






A distinctive feature of AkB_08 is the “Floating Core” door and frame which the aesthetic lightness of origami is combined with the solidity of a sturdy, aluminium frame, to stamp a new look on home design.






AK_08- kitchen design by Arrital Valencia
AKB_08. Kitcken design by Arrital


”AkB_08 Case”, the two-level storage area also acts as a partition.

I can be placed on the work top, table or island depending on your work and space requirements.


Find out more about Arrital Valencia by visiting their website: Arrital
You can visit our showroom in Valencia, Calle Burriana 51

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