Charlesworth Gardens: Eager to be back creating Blooming Good Gardens on the Costa Blanca!

Lee Charlesworth has been designing and creating beautiful gardens for more than 25 years – 20 of those on the Costa Blanca in Spain.  He’s also built gardens for the Chelsea Flower Show in his long career while working for Peter Dowle and his father Julian.  With a design degree, and an education in architecture too, Lee has some very specific views on garden design:


People generally are happy to listen to an architect and a builder because these are specialised skills they don’t have, and they prefer to leave it to a professional. With gardens, lots of people love to get out and dabble – which is fantastic – but if the garden has been designed by a garden designer, it will give the client so much more joy and happiness. Ultimately, it will be a much loved and well used space, because it will work as the client want its to.


Charleswoeth Gardens


What’s even more important is that a well designed garden will develop and grow into something that gets more beautiful every year, making maintenance much easier.  It’s a question of understanding the logistics, and bringing together each piece of the puzzle to create the right end result.  Essentially, using a professional to make sure your garden or outside space is designed properly to maximise the potential of every corner is just as important as getting the right people for the work that goes into designing or building a house.


Lee has never come across a situation like the one we find ourselves in now, when Spain is on lock-down for the foreseeable future. Nature knows nothing about lockdown, and things carry on growing. And that’s great if you have a garden, because you can connect with Nature and spend some quality time enjoying the garden, even if you can’t connect with friends and family right now.  As Lee says:


No matter how small the space, you can always do something with it. I’ve   designed and created beautiful roof terraces and courtyards, but if you only have a small balcony, you can still grow flowers, or herbs for cooking.


There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing new life and new growth. It gives confirmation that whatever is happening around us, the world keeps turning, because that’s the way it always works out. Something many people have noticed in these weeks of lock-down is that, because life as we know it has slowed down, there is very little traffic sound, or air and noise pollution. The flowers smell stronger and sweeter, the birds sing louder and longer, and we are reminded that there is a wonderful world out there, that maybe we have taken for granted before.


Of course, with more time to look around at what’s under our noses, some of you might also be picking up on what’s missing from your gardens. Maybe your garden doesn’t quite do what you want or expect it to do? You want a relaxing space, and that’s what it seems like when you’re just spending a few hours tidying up and reading a book in the sun at weekends. Or perhaps you want a sporty space where the kids and the dogs can run free in safety, but it’s actually a bit limiting when it’s the only place to exercise.


Charleswoeth Gardens


You’ve identified the problem, but how do you find a solution, especially if your idea of garden design and care doesn’t extend beyond planting borders, and getting the chairs in the right place for sun and/or shade? The truth is, you probably can’t. There’s more to true garden design than working out where everything needs to go.


A good garden designer will look beyond the summer, and into the future. If your garden is your place of relaxation, you’ll need to know that it’s not going to be high maintenance. You won’t want to spend more time strimming than stretched out on a sun bed. And what if those pretty plants in your sporty garden turn out to be tryffids? If Billy Boxer loses his favourite toy in the undergrowth, nobody will get out of it in one piece – least of all your garden.


Okay, that’s maybe an exaggeration, but you get the picture. However, if this lock-down has convinced you that your garden needs a makeover, Lee and his team at Charlesworth Gardens are ready and waiting to give you a no-obligation quote for the garden of your dreams, just as soon as it’s safe again in Spain.  Lee is all set up and ready for online consultations to get the processes in motion, so he can begin to understand more about what you want from your own outside space.


Lee’s not been sitting enjoying his own garden while all this is happening – well, not all the time, anyway! The website is updated with a crisp, clean look, and lots of ideas and information. You can be pro-active in designing your new garden, or draw on the expertise of those at Charlesworth Gardens for ideas to work with until the lock-down is over. There’s also a new blog, where Lee will share hints, tips and guidance on keeping your garden in great condition.


Charleswoeth Gardens


Take a look at the website, and give Lee a call to start the ball rolling for your own Blooming Good Garden. In the meantime, stay safe and well at home.


Contact details:



03720 Benissa, Alicante, Spain

Telephone: 0034 696 283 704



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