Ceviche, Carpaccio, Tartare: Raw-Fish Delights at Soqueta Restaurant

Innovative and light, playing off the smooth and firm texture of ultra fresh fish and seafood, the raw-fish dishes at Soqueta restaurant in Oliva, created only with the best local products, are the perfect idea for the summer. Juan Soqueta explains us how they create these gastronomic marvels.

Let’s begin with the ceviche. What’s the story of the dish? And what defines the special ceviches that we find in the menu of Soqueta?

As you know the ceviche is ultra fresh raw fish  marinated in a citrus-based mixture. In Peru where it comes from, they serve it with spicy sauce and greens, and use various types of oceanic fish. Here at Soqueta restaurant we only use local ingredients and we create our ceviche dishes with fresh Wild Halibut or Striped Red Mullet from the Mediterranean. And we marinate the fish with lemons and limes from Murcia and with oranges from Seville.

The Wild Halibut ceviche at Soqueta is served with strawberries, olives, carrot and green bell pepper.

What about the carpaccio and tartare dishes at Soqueta?

We serve an exquisite prawn carpaccio: we use the red prawn of Dénia, the star local seafood product of the Costa Blanca, and create our dish with ingredients and specialties that are unlikely to be found outside Spain (like the crystal bread below). As for tartare, we have the salmon and tuna tartare in out menu and we use the fish according to season. Now, meaning from May to July, its the blue-fin tuna season, thus the best time to enjoy this special meat at its freshest.

Red prawn of Dénia carpaccio served with guacamole, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, basil and homemade crystal bread with raisins.
The salmon tartare at Soqueta comes with guacamole, extra virgin olive oil and juicy slices of orange.

Are these raw-fish dishes “classic” or just trending now?

There is definitely something fashionable about the dishes. Since we have been introduced to the Japanese sushi it seems we grow more and more fond of this taste. Even though many of these dishes actually carry marinated fish and seafood, which is not raw anymore still not cooked at flame, we just developed the habit of calling them all “raw”.  Here at Soqueta restaurant we think it’s important to respond to the client’s taste especially as it’s a great opportunity to serve, in a new way, the local delicacies such as the red prawn of Dénia or the blue-fin tuna.

The tuna and tomato carpaccio at Soqueta might also come accompanied by fresh pasta milhoja.

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