Celebrate Black Friday at Art E Perlas

From the 23rd to the 27th of November, the Black Friday of Art E Perlas comes with a 25% discount in any purchase from their online store or by appointment, within the surrounding area of Calpe.


Art E Perlas is a family business run by a Franco-German couple living in Calpe, Alicante, for the past 30 years. They sell unique jewellery made in Tahiti with pearls, nacar (or mother of pearl) and coral.

Art e Perlas, Alcante
Art e Perlas, Alcante


The online store displays all their necklaces, pendants, silver chains, rings, bracelets, bangles and earrings. And each piece of jewellery is unique. First of all, each pearl is unique, as they are raised inside oysters and, after much care and time, they turn into a beautiful gem with either blue glitters or green shades, dark purple accents or grey highlights, pink nuances or a stunning, completely black colour. And then, the jewellery you find at Art E Perlas is created in Bora Bora, blending the traditional Polynesian way to work with pearls with either a contemporary modern, a classical or a hippie style.


Art e Perlas, Alcante
Art e Perlas, Alcante


During the summer months, Art E Perlas also open a shop, in the old town part of Altea, Alicante, selling the pearls and the jewellery as well as clothes and accessories. The shop was closed last Friday and, in the beginning of the next year, will reopen, but in Calpe. In these months, they work via their online store and by appointment, for private sales and exhibitions. Andleka, one of the owner, details: “if you live near Calpe (Alicante), we move the 100 km around, without compromise. We do group meetings; we go to private homes or we send the jewels by registered post. If you are interested in a jewel and you live far from Calpe, we can send it you per registered post and you can pay by card.”


If you think of celebrating this year’s black Friday in high style, just head to their website and find your unique jewellery with authentic pearls, from the French Polynesia, and unique, eclectic designs.


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