Casa Vital: Gastronomy in the heart of Charming Altea

Restaurante Casa Vital, nestled in the heart of Altea’s historic district, beckons patrons with its warm ambiance and picturesque vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and Calpe. With a sprawling terrace boasting panoramic views, dining here encapsulates the essence of the Spanish idyll.

Gastronomy in a Quaint Location

This quaint establishment entices diners with a fusion of Norwegian and Spanish gastronomy, showcasing delectable dishes like Norwegian cod, succulent salmon, tantalizing tapas for communal indulgence, and their renowned beef tenderloin, crowned as “Best Steaks” by Restaurant Guru in 2022. Not forgetting the young ones, they offer a dedicated kids’ menu and a delightful array of desserts, including the much-raved-about cheesecake.

Beyond its culinary allure, the restaurant distinguishes itself by intertwining gastronomy with art and culture. During the summer months, the restaurant hosts exhibitions spotlighting both established and emerging artists, complemented by regular wine tastings that engage the senses.

Events at Casa Vital

For those seeking a unique venue, Casa Vital is available for special events such as weddings and birthday festivities. The venue accommodates up to 96 guests, with seating for 32 on the main terrace, and 16 on the smaller one. For further inquiries or reservations, interested parties are encouraged to reach out directly.

Casa Vital’s Wine Specialization

Additionally, the restaurant’s proprietor, Age Folkestand, a connoisseur with an ardor for wine, ventured into winemaking in 2011. Partnering with two esteemed vineyards in Caudete de Castilla and Rioja, his dedication bore fruit with their inaugural Rioja wine securing a prestigious gold medal from the International Wine Guide in 2015.

Their curated selection of traditional wines, including Vino Casa Vital Blanco, Rosado, Tinto Roble, Tinto Barrica, Golden Oro, and the acclaimed Casa Vital Age and Casa Vital Millenium from Rioja, is a testament to their commitment to oenological excellence. Furthermore, the innovative Azul Mediterráneo, a Chardonnay tinged with a distinctive blue hue, reflects Age’s pioneering spirit in winemaking.

Contact Details

Calle Salamanca 11, 03590 Altea

 +34 965 840 936 / +34 617 640 859

Website: Casa Vital

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