Casa Pepa: A Culinary Oasis in the Heart of Marina Alta

Nestled in the picturesque Marina Alta region, Casa Pepa is a culinary gem that has been enchanting diners since its inception in 1986. This restaurant, now adorned with a prestigious Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns, boasts a rich history and a commitment to Mediterranean gastronomy.

Passion for Gastronomy

Casa Pepa’s culinary journey is fueled by a profound passion for Mediterranean flavors, traditional market cuisine, and the bounty of seasonal ingredients. The ever-changing menu is a testament to their dedication to sourcing locally and prioritizing freshness. This commitment to quality ensures that every visit to Casa Pepa is a unique experience. It’s reflected in every dish served, as the team takes meticulous care in sourcing and preparing local ingredients to offer the highest quality.

A Remarkable Evolution

The late Pepa Romans, founder of Casa Pepa, transformed her family’s ancestral farmhouse into this renowned dining establishment. Starting with a foundation in traditional Marina Alta cuisine, she later embraced innovation and modernization, elevating classic dishes with a contemporary twist.

Since 2019 Casa Pepa forms part of the BonAmb Group. With chef Emmanuelle Baron who has been working with Alberto Ferruz for over 15 years, and maître Juan Navarro who has worked with the BonAmb family for over 10 years as front of house staff member, Casa Pepa today stands as a beacon of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, drawing diners from far and wide to savor their culinary creations.

A Natural Haven

Situated amidst olive groves and protected by the Sierra de Segaria, Casa Pepa’s natural surroundings are nothing short of breathtaking. Its rural setting, close to the Mediterranean Sea, adds to the venue’s charm. Whether you’re attending a wedding, communion, anniversary, or corporate event, the backdrop of nature enhances the exclusivity and privacy of your experience.

The Menu

Casa Pepa’s menu is a celebration of Mediterranean flavors. Some delectable starters include Roasted bell-pepper lacquered with its juice and marinated little tunny, as well as a refreshing Soup of fresh lettuce with marinated mackerel. For main courses, don’t miss the Grilled hake with creamy potato or the succulent Slowly roasted young goat. The dessert selection offers delightful options. Try their Puff pastry with toffee mousse and lemon ice cream.

Tasting Menus

Casa Pepa offers two tantalizing tasting menus. The “Menú Retrato” features appetizers, 4 courses, and dessert, allowing diners to experience the essence of Casa Pepa’s identity for €70. For a more extensive culinary journey, the “Menú Bodegón” offers appetizers, 6 courses, pre-dessert, and dessert for €110. Optional wine pairings are also available.

Casa Pepa is a culinary haven where tradition meets innovation. Every dish tells a story of Mediterranean excellence. With its breathtaking natural surroundings and commitment to culinary artistry, it’s a must-visit destination in Marina Alta.

Events with Culinary Excellence

Casa Pepa is also an upscale event venue. They offer clients specialized menus crafted by the BonAmb Group, recipient of in total 3 Michelin Stars and 5 Repsol Suns. With over a decade of experience, the team tailors menus to suit the preferences of each event’s protagonists.



Partida Pamis, 7-30 | 03760 Ondara, Alicante

+34 965 76 66 06 

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