Casa Lili: Premier Asian Dining in Jávea

Casa Lili began its journey eight years ago in Moraira, quickly establishing itself as a beloved destination for Asian cuisine enthusiasts across the region. Known for its exceptional food and excellent value, Casa Lili garnered a reputation as the best Asian restaurant in the area. Recently, Casa Lili expanded its horizons, relocating to Jávea and undertaking a major renovation project to enhance its offerings. The result is a stunning restaurant that continues to delight diners with its exquisite culinary creations.

Modern Asian Design and Atmosphere

The newly renovated Casa Lili Restaurant in Jávea is a masterpiece of modern Asian design. The interior features elegant decor, with a focus on creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Natural light floods the space, highlighting the sophisticated furnishings and meticulous attention to detail. The ambiance is perfect for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings, providing a versatile setting that complements the exquisite dining experience.

Authentic Chinese Cuisine and a New Sushi Menu

Casa Lili’s menu is a testament to its commitment to authentic Asian flavors. The restaurant offers a diverse range of Chinese dishes, from savory Dim Sum to flavorful rice dishes, each prepared with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. The recent addition of a sushi menu has further elevated the dining experience, bringing fresh and innovative Japanese flavors to Jávea. Diners can enjoy expertly crafted rolls and sashimi, adding a new dimension to Casa Lili’s already impressive culinary repertoire.

A Venue for Memorable Events

Beyond its exceptional dining, Casa Lili is also an ideal venue for hosting special events. With spacious outdoor terraces and elegantly designed indoor spaces, the restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it perfect for weddings, celebrations, and corporate events. The combination of beautiful surroundings, outstanding service, and delicious food ensures that every event at Casa Lili is unforgettable.

Visit Casa Lili in Jávea

For an unparalleled dining experience, Casa Lili is the place to be. Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine, a new sushi menu, and a beautiful setting that enhances every meal. Whether you’re planning a special event or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, Casa Lili offers the best of Jávea’s culinary scene.

Contact Details

Ctra. Portitxol, 96

03730 Jávea (Alicante)

Tel. 86 579 95 13

Casa Lili Webite

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