Casa Della Pasta the Italian Restaurant That Ticks All the Boxes

On a nice warm evening in August we made our way down to the lovely setting of the Italian Restaurant in Jávea namely La Casa Della Pasta and the first thing that you see is the magnificent large car park that caters for their diners and based on the popularity of the restaurant it certainly needs it.

The restaurant is situated on the edge of Jávea and has great access to it from the main road and on your entrance inside you are met with a lovely welcome from Christine the owner and her friendly staff.

As it was a lovely evening we were able to sit in the spacious well designed courtyard with all the other guests and families and couples and large parties of people all settled down to dine on what is a large and varied menu. Due to the fact my two colleagues wanted to also look to sample different dishes we decided we would vary our courses and choose a nice Vino Blanco to go with this and I can highly recommend the Muller Thurgau which had a lovely roundly bodied taste.

After taking advice from Christine and also looking at the specials as well we decided to take one from the specials board and then choose from the main menu and so we had the following …

MISTO AFFUMICATO which was slices of smoked ham and smoked cheese with Rucola and sun dried tomatoes with a balsamic syrup and this was delicious and light with a delicate taste all around. My partner had the special which was just wonderful in that she chose MEJILLONES al vapor al estilo calabrese… and the presentation of these in the large bowl was tremendous with the spicy tomato sauce and capes mixed in with the mussels getting a comment that they were the best mussels she had  ever tasted. Our colleague had the CAPRESE which is tomato buffalo mozzarella with the balsamic syrup as well and again this was a beautiful taste and ideal for a starters.

The restaurant was now starting to get busy as it is extremely popular as it caters for everyone and with the menu being so varied it allows anyone of any age to enjoy in trying new dishes each time they return and you can sense the amount of regular customers there as the atmosphere was terrific.

We moved then on to our main courses and with the tables now starting to get busy we saw some customers having the Spaghetti Alla Parmigiana which was served in front of them by being cooked in the dish set on fire which proved very popular and kept the staff busy all night and it looked delicious.

Our courses were one again taken from the specials and two from the menu and we dined on the special dish of  ENTRECOTE DE TERNERA which was Beef entrecote cooked on the grill with truffle butter served with Tagliatelle and vegetables and it was excellent as the truffle butter oozed onto the Beef and made the taste mouth watering. The other two dishes were again outstanding and extremely filling as my partner and colleague had the Ravioli di Zucca which is filled with Pumpkin smoked cheese in butter and sage garlic parmesan … a unique dish to taste and also the Linguinne Al Limone e Gambari  which was  served with prawns with cherry tomato and lemon. All in all these tastes were enjoyed by everyone and as we tried each others so we can then recommend them to you all to please order and try any of them as they all blend perfectly.


Due to the fact we were then in need of a break as the food was so lovely we watched and spent time admiring the excellent service that the well dressed waitresses  provided and nothing was to much trouble and regular advice on dishes were given out and families were made to feel welcome and despite there being over thirty tables at least all full the restaurant ran like clockwork and with no delays and you have to give compliments to Christine and her colleagues as everyone left feeling good about their night as they hung around the  tables and even the car park later on  chatting and enjoying the warm evening and setting.

We finalized our meal with desserts of Zabolone which is served in a large glass and has white wine ingredients with egg and other ingredients and is a acquired taste but spectacular in its presentation….we also enjoyed Tarta Della Casa which is a biscuit topped of with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce again lovely taste all round plus our colleague had the lovely Crêpe filled with ice cream and dark sauce which ended the evening perfectly. In between we did try the lovely drink MASCHIO ROSE which is a spumante and serves as a lovely aperitif between courses as well and this again was very popular with the diners.

The evening overall was one of my personal favourites as not only does it have a lovely outdoor terrace setting but the staff and the attention to detail is first class and if you like Italian Cuisine then this is the place for you to attend as soon as possible.

What I will say to finalise is that all nationalities were there from the Spanish to French – Belgian –Dutch – English and more and it is unusual to gain so many people from all over to like your menu but this is what La Casa della Pasta have done and we recommend you go there as soon as possible as in the winter they also have a excellent setting indoors as well.

By Terry Moutter

Until our next meeting with the savoury Italian cuisine and the friendly team of La Casa della Pasta we invite you to check their website and visit them at Carretera del Cabo la Nao-Pla, 27 in Jávea or make your reservation at : + 34 96 646 13 47.

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