Buy your energy-saving blinds at Sendra Decoración

Sendra Decoración, based in Benissa, Alicante, is renown for its high-quality custom curtains, cushions and upholstery, and works alongside experienced designers and top-quality brands.


One of these brands is Luxaflex, that is a blinds company that is known for its outstanding quality and innovative products.


Sendra Decoración is now offering a 10% discount on their new Luxaflex blinds in July and August.


These blinds have arrived just in time for the long, hot summer. The Duette Shades, not only keep the inside your home cool, but also in the winter keep the warmth in.



By providing more insulation and cooling homes, these blinds have already started to help people save on their energy bills.



Sendra can help you purchase the right Duette Shades for your home. Whether you want to block sunlight for a good night’s sleep, or have a bright, naturally-lit home, Sendra will help you with the vast choice of products that Luxaflex have produced. They also have different styles and thickness of insulation, depending on purpose and budget.



The blinds have been creatively made, so that you can pull the top part of the blind down to let in light while keeping your privacy, or you can lift the blind from the bottom upwards to reveal your view.



The shades are very practical and child-friendly, with no chords or extra parts that could be of risk to your child, that can also be easily altered by a remote control or just by hand instead.


These blinds are said to be some of the most recommended in the industry. Not only are they practical and environmentally friendly, but they’re also easy to maintain. If the blinds become dirty, just simply wiping them with water should remove any stains.


If you wish to find out more information about these products, or any other products that Sendra Decoración offer, visit:

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