“BREXIT Means BREXIT” – What Does That Even Mean?

Is it from EU to.. see you?
I keep hearing “Life after Brexit” references and predictions all of the time, yet it hasn’t happened yet… well not technically anyway! We are however tucked rather messily between the before during and pre-emptive after. There has been a barrage of fear tactic bombs dropped on the unsuspecting public, along with clean up crew peace makers trying to dim the rage, not to mention the Nostradamus style philosophers who warn of impending doom and destruction.
So who do we listen to?”

Well, for the majority BREXIT simply means a withdrawal from membership in the EU. After the declaration of the result, the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985 and David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister. We at least know that much!

I guess we also thought we knew, and are witnessing this so-called Brexit fall apart at its very seams, and the pledges melting away. Were there actual policies and decisions being made? Maybe we just didn’t expect this to happen! Whichever way you voted, was it an emotional-based vote, or a well thought out one? There are many out there who believe those who voted “out” did so without thinking about the consequences. But is that even remotely true?

“Thank you kindly Theresa May for your Brexit means Brexit answer, a phrase that has become a tired old cliche along with her ‘promise‘ to build a greater Britain – leaving us none the wiser.”

So what does BREXIT mean? Does it mean pushing the button tomorrow, in six months, or in two years… if at all? Does Brexit mean Taxit? Is the EU worried it’s losing its free lunch? Will the UK become ‘a sub standard extra’ on the international stage due to being left outside of the BIG decision making room? Will it, won’t it, should it! Just a few among so many questions being thrashed about the left wing, right wing and center world stage.

Or could it simply be that… the UK citizens wanted the hell out of the “United States of Europe protection racket” enough to say, “We’re done with all of this take, take, take crap.”

“I’m on the fence, really I am.”

I have pro and con arguments around the whole situation. But what I never do is… listen to the politicians or the fear based news that is drip fed to the nation on a daily basis… I have a mind, and I use it. I find myself hard pushed to put any governmental body on my list of trustees. Frankly I don’t trust a single one. I trust my gut!

Mathias Döpfner, chief executive of Axel Springer, one of Europe’s largest media companies, said Britain was bound to experience short-term pain as a consequence of its June 23 vote to quit the EU, “but in three to five years from now, my bet would be that England will be better off than continental Europe.”

In my ideal world… I would like to go back to the 80’s in London where I grew up. A place that seemed far less complicated, and where the term politically correct didn’t exist or hashtags replaced sentences in the English language . A world where the term terrorist sent a shiver up my spine, and was not a ‘household word’ that barely warranted the effort it would take to raise an eyebrow. The place where I could run wild in the streets during the night with friends, without fear of being attacked or robbed. A world where a man with a beard did not mean he could not be trusted because he had to be a Muslim, because all Muslims are terrorists! No… he was just a man with a beard!

The London I knew was far from being a perfect place, but we knew our place in it. When I was growing up, I was as worse off as my black or Asian friends were – but we were equals in all aspects, and shared between ourselves if one had something the other did not.

So what happened? What changed? More to the point… why did we allow it?

BREXIT to me means –The people have decided.

So whatever that means for us going forward, and when we finally EXIT the BREXIT, whether that means re-tracking the leave or signing on the dotted line. We have to consciously and above all, collectively find a far better way of living together because of it. Because collectively, no Government has a chance when the people stand up and demand what is in often cases… basic rights to live as equals in a world that no ‘body’ OWNS.

Do you beLEAVE in Britain?

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