Brave Generation Academy (BGA): Interview with a Learner

Brave Generation Academy, or BGA for short, defies convention as an innovative educational Hub. Rooted in values of respect, honesty, and ambition balanced by humility, BGA’s personalized approach guides Learners toward their passions in a collaborative setting. Supported by dedicated Course Managers and an active Learning Coach, they transform education into a dynamic experience. 

Brave Generation Academy’s acclaimed curriculum, recognized by top global universities, weaves together traditional and modern disciplines, providing a comprehensive understanding of subjects. Through self-directed coursework, inter-Hub activities, and community service, BGA cultivates skills beyond academics. 

We interviewed a Learner from Brave Generation Academy, and his journey is a compelling testament to the transformative power of personalized education. Narayan, a 15-year-old student from the United States, opens up about his experience at BGA and compares it to his traditional education in both the US and in Spain, shedding light on how this innovative approach has shaped his learning journey.

Narayan shared with us the stark contrast to his past experience in the traditional education system. “Rigidness and the typical school day just didn’t work for me,” he recalls. However, his transition to BGA brought a breath of fresh air. BGA empowers students to take control of their learning paths, giving them freedom to decide how and when they learn. Narayan elaborates, “I enjoy the freedom of creating my own schedule and choosing my classes, and those that resonate with my passions. Being able to select diverse courses, like learning Spanish, pursuing skill goals, and community goals, it’s really great.” He provides art and painting as skills he enjoys working on, and helping out in shelters as one of the community goals.

Narayan’s interaction with a global community of peers and educators at BGA is a unique aspect of his journey as well. He highlights, “Some classes are graded by someone else in the world,” underscoring the academy’s commitment to global perspectives. When Narayan had a trip to Portugal, he was able to visit the Hub and do his studies there. This exemplifies how BGA breaks down geographical barriers, transforming the world into a classroom.

In terms of future readiness, BGA excels by providing classes like “Learning through research” and “Global Perspectives”. This enables them to learn more about what’s really going on in the world around them, and teaches them skills they’ll need to navigate in their daily life in the future. This even includes creating mock CV’s and participating in mock interviews in class.

Narayan also participated in the “Unlimited Minds” course, which is designed to nurture entrepreneurial skills.

On a personal level, BGA’s support for Learners with unique needs is remarkable, as Narayan shares that he has dyslexia. 

“The school helps me with some issues such as dyslexia, so I can have extra classes with an expert that helps me with reading. I also have my own math program, through a different system that I do on my own,” Narayan shares. He highlights the flexibility and freedom to choose personalized classes and programs as instrumental in his learning journey.

Narayan’s journey with Brave Generation Academy is a living testament to the academy’s mission: Empowering young generations to succeed in life through progressive and personalized education.


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