Boy travels from Morocco to Spain underneath bus

A boy has travelled at least 230 kilometres hanging underneath a bus to get from Morocco to Spain.


The boy was found underneath the bus once it had arrived in Seville, and was immediately taken to hospital, although is said to be in a good condition.


The bus is meant to have come from Tangier, but when the police spoke to the Moroccan boy, he said he thought it had come from Tetouan, another Moroccan city even further away, meaning the boy may have travelled more than thought.


There have been many attempts by migrants from Africa risking their lives to get to Spain and other areas of Europe by desperate measures, like; old rickety boats and crossing border walls.


Earlier this month, a car with five migrants, rammed its way through the border between Morocco and Melilla, forcing officers to abdandon their posts to not get run over. The migrants were later caught once they had arrived in Melilla, hiding inside various parts of the car, like; the boot, the dashboard and under a false bottom in the rear seats.


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