Boutique hotel El Capricho: Escape to Tranquility in the Valley

In the heart of Spain’s tranquil Vall de Gallinera, Boutique hotel El Capricho stands as a labor of love and a testament to the vision of Werner and Lisa, a Dutch couple who traded the hustle of Puerto Banus for the serenity of the valley. Their journey began with a dream to create a space that was truly their own, a sanctuary not just for them but for every guest seeking tranquility and a touch of history. The story of Boutique hotel El Capricho is one of transformation, from its origins as an olive press in 1851 to a boutique hotel under the careful stewardship of its owners, who have infused it with life and personalized care.

A Blend of Wellness and History

At this hotel, history harmonizes with wellness. The spa, once a humble donkey stable, now offers a retreat with its cold pool and warm jacuzzi. They also offer sunbeds and therapeutic lights that definitely invite guests to unwind and rejuvenate. The hotel’s pool, transformed from an old water depot, serves as a peaceful oasis for relaxation. These thoughtful conversions highlight the hotel’s commitment to preserving its rich past while providing modern comforts.

Personalized Guest Experiences

Werner and Lisa’s dedication to personalizing each guest’s stay is evident in the bespoke experiences offered at Boutique hotel El Capricho. From relaxing massages to a selection of tapas paired with cava and wine, each detail is carefully curated to ensure a unique and memorable stay. Customizable packages, including breakfast and premium bath products, allow guests to tailor their experience, making each visit truly one of a kind.

Exploring La Vall de Gallinera

The enchantment of Boutique hotel El Capricho extends beyond its walls to the breathtaking La Vall de Gallinera. This verdant paradise, with its scenic walking trails, offers guests an idyllic setting to connect with nature and embrace the tranquility of the valley. The area’s natural beauty, accentuated by almond groves and ancient ruins, provides a perfect backdrop for a serene escape from the everyday.

Your Invitation to Serenity

Boutique hotel El Capricho is not merely a destination; it is an experience woven with history, personalized care, and the natural beauty of La Vall de Gallinera. It stands as a testament to Werner and Lisa’s dream of creating a tranquil oasis.

For those seeking a peaceful retreat infused with history and personal touches, Boutique hotel El Capricho awaits. Embark on a journey to tranquility and discover the serene charm of Boutique hotel El Capricho. Your serene adventure in the lush landscapes of the La Vall de Gallinera begins here.

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Boutique hotel El Capricho

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